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Kea Peahu: Is A New Addition To The Ensemble Of Netflix’s [ Biography ]


Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 05:46 pm

Kea Peahu is a new addition to the ensemble of Netflix’s original series “Finding Ohana.” Learn more about the emerging star.

Kea Peahu’s parents, biography, and other information may be found here.

Kea Peahu, a young performer, is wowing audiences with her outstanding acting debut in Netflix’s latest original, Finding Ohana, which premiered today.

Finding Ohana is a 2021 adventure drama about two siblings discovering their Hawaiian ancestry as they embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Oahu.

As she was spotted on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Kea Peahu will be a familiar face to regular late-night show viewers. She’s gone a long way in the entertainment industry since then. Let’s take a closer look at the budding talent.

Kea Peahu Biography

kea peahu

Kea Peahu was a dancer before she made people swoon with her acting abilities in the adventure film. Her dance performance went viral on the Internet when she was just eight years old, earning her a seat on the Ellen show.

Since then, Kea has been a regular in music videos for famous musicians like Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown. At the age of ten, she became a household celebrity in Hawaii when she appeared on the local news channel KHON-2 and demonstrated her dance talents.

Peace is from a household of five that includes her parents, younger brother, and older sister. Her mother, Sanofi Perahu, works for KP Construction and Oahu Flooring, and her parents are of Hawaiian origin.

Kea’s mother disclosed to Hawaii News Now that Kea was seven years old when her family decided to leave Hawaii and reside in Ontario, California. Kea went on to say that it was good to return to her hometown for the filming of the film.

She stated her longing to see her family, who had all elected to remain in Hawaii and expressed her eagerness to see them.

Kea has 85K Instagram followers and is also a TikTok member, despite her parents mostly managing both channels. She usually posts dance collaboration videos with her fans and performs with her The Lab group on Instagram.

Kea can be seen exploring her Hawaiian roots in her latest film, and she hopes that audiences will learn something about her culture while watching it.

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