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How Kari Lake’s Defamation Lawsuit Could Backfire on Her Senate Bid

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In this article, Kari Lake, the former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate and a leading contender to be Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024, is facing a defamation lawsuit from a fellow Republican election official. The suit, filed by Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, accuses Lake of spreading false and harmful claims about his role in the 2020 and 2022 elections, which Lake still contests despite losing in court.

Lake has filed a motion to dismiss the suit, but legal experts say she may have a hard time convincing the judge to throw out the case. Here are some of the reasons why Lake’s defamation lawsuit could backfire on her Senate bid.

kari lake lawsuit
kari lake lawsuit

The lawsuit could expose Lake to more scrutiny and sanctions

One of the risks of being sued for defamation is that the defendant may have to disclose evidence and testify under oath about their statements. This could expose Lake to more scrutiny and potential sanctions from the court if she continues to make false or misleading claims. For example, Lake’s lawyers have already been sanctioned by the state Supreme Court for making “false factual statements” in her election challenge lawsuit.

If Lake repeats those statements or makes new ones in the defamation case, she could face further penalties or even criminal charges for perjury or contempt of court.

The lawsuit could alienate Lake from moderate and independent voters

Another risk of being sued for defamation is that the defendant may lose credibility and reputation among the public, especially among moderate and independent voters who value honesty and integrity. Lake’s baseless allegations against Richer, who is a respected and popular Republican official in Maricopa County, could backfire on her Senate bid by alienating potential supporters who do not buy into her election conspiracy theories.

According to a recent poll by OH Predictive Insights, only 23% of Arizona voters believe that Biden’s victory was illegitimate, while 65% accept it as valid. Lake’s refusal to accept reality could cost her votes in a state that has become increasingly competitive and purple.

The lawsuit could distract Lake from focusing on her Senate campaign

A third risk of being sued for defamation is that the defendant may have to spend time, money, and energy on defending themselves in court, instead of focusing on their political campaign. Lake’s motion to dismiss the suit argues that it is a “frivolous” and “politically motivated” attempt to silence her free speech rights.

However, Richer’s lawyers contend that Lake’s statements are not protected by the First Amendment because they are false and defamatory. The judge will have to decide whether to grant or deny Lake’s motion, which could take weeks or months. In the meantime, Lake may have to divert resources and attention from her Senate bid, which could give her opponents an advantage.


Lake’s defamation lawsuit is not only a legal challenge, but also a political one. It could backfire on her Senate bid by exposing her to more scrutiny and sanctions, alienating her from moderate and independent voters, and distracting her from focusing on her campaign. Lake may hope that the lawsuit will boost her profile and appeal among Trump’s loyal base, but she may also find that it comes with a high price.

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