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Final Fantasy XV – Justice Monsters 5 Rewards


Justice monsters five rewards : Every Item and Accessory You Can Win From the Pinball Minigame (PC Version) in Final Fantasy XV’ Justice Monsters

In the early hours of Final Fantasy XV, you’re looking for a means to gain powerful equipment for Noctis and his buddies.

You may easily obtain some pretty OP equipment by spending some time playing the Justice Monsters Five minigame at the Crow’s Nest and in Altissia. Here’s a complete list of all the prizes up for grabs.

Justice Monsters Five is a Final Fantasy XV pinball minigame in which you “battle” foes and bosses by diminishing their HP with shots and combination hits in exchange for prizes such as restorative supplies and equippable accessories.

The rewards you earn while playing Justice Monsters Five are determined on how many Chocobo Chests you acquire. (They’re the golden rectangles that appear after you clear a round on a slot machine.)

You can only receive one prize per game, therefore if you earn 99 treasures, you will only receive the top prize, not any of the other prizes.

FF15 justice monsters 5 rewards: Where to Find them.

FF15: Justice Monsters – 5 Rewards is a game for the PS3 that is being released on October 7, 2012. The game is set in Altissia, which is the capital of the kingdom.

It is a role-playing game and you play as the protagonist, Totomostro.

You will explore the city, meet the other characters, and do many quests and challenges.

The game features 5 rewards for you to collect. The reward will allow you to get items that you need in the game.

Alessio cafe in Altissia

Besides the standard fare of buying wares from a Culless Munitions – Altissia merchant, there are other things to do in Altissia.

For starters, there are the obligatory photo ops and gambling at the local bloodsport arena.

However, there are also a couple of hidden gems in the area. If you haven’t had the pleasure of exploring the region, you may not have come across the Justice Monsters 5 mini game.

This is a game within a game that will keep you busy for hours on end.

While you’re at it, you may also want to check out the mini dungeon in the city.

Although it looks like it’s a lot smaller than the aforementioned one, it still boasts a couple of worthy opponents to keep you busy.

While the JM Market – Altissia won’t get your adrenaline pumping like the Culless Munitions – Altissia shop, you can still find a variety of intriguing goodies.

Crow’s Nest Diner

During your adventure in Final Fantasy XV, you may want to visit Crow’s Nest Diner for some rewards. There, you can get a Justice Monsters Five pinball machine.

This mini game will help you gain access to numerous treasures. The machine also allows you to fight monsters, deplete their HP, and earn some curative items.

The Crow’s Nest Diner has several locations around Lucis. The mascot for the restaurant is Kenny Crow, a black crow wearing a green shirt.

He may ask you to visit the diner, especially if you haven’t unlocked the mini game yet.

You can play the Justice Monsters Five mini game in a number of locations in Final Fantasy XV. These include Crow’s Nest Diner, the Altissia cafe, and the Three Z’s Motel.

The machines in these locations cost either 10 or 10 thousand Gil to play. The special machine in the Alessio cafe costs 10,000 Gil to play each time.


FFXV has two mini games, one of them being Totomostro, a game of chance and luck. The more mundane game requires players to gamble for the chance to win a prize in a match.

Unlike regular pinball machines, the rewards for winning a match are far more rewarding. This is due to the fact that the luck of the

draw depends on the odds assigned to the team of monsters. Those that play the game regularly will be rewarded with a number of shiny trinkets.

Interestingly, the best rewards are not found in the game’s various gambling halls. Fortunately for players of the game’s many worlds, there is a solution in the form of the Alessio cafe.

The cafe is home to one of the more expensive pinball machines found in the game.

The Alessio senno-mis, or Alessio cafe, features a very impressive pinball machine, which is available to players for a cool 10,000 gil per game.

High-roller version

During the pre-launch event of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix introduced a pinball machine inspired by the game Justice Monsters 5. The machine is available in Altissia’s Alessio Cafe, and costs 10,000 Gil to play.

Aside from the machine itself, there are also several play fields that can be accessed and changed.

These play fields change the layout of monsters and the number of recovery items that are dropped during play.

There is no kill screen, and you can choose to quit at any time. However, the rewards from this machine significantly exceed those of a regular pinball machine.

You can earn hundreds of thousands of experience points, Wyvern wings, and equippable accessories, among other items.

You can also purchase the Ring of the Lucii, which gives you the ability to catch wyverns faster.

This can earn you up to 300,000 gil per hour, which is more than enough to max out your machine in a single day.

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