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Justice Monsters Five Rewards – How to Play Justice Monsters Five


Justice monsters five rewards : Every Item and Accessory You Can Win From the Pinball Minigame (PC Version) in Final Fantasy XV’ Justice Monsters

In the early hours of Final Fantasy XV, you’re looking for a means to gain powerful equipment for Noctis and his buddies.

You may easily obtain some pretty OP equipment by spending some time playing the Justice Monsters Five minigame at the Crow’s Nest and in Altissia. Here’s a complete list of all the prizes up for grabs.

Justice Monsters Five is a Final Fantasy XV pinball minigame in which you “battle” foes and bosses by diminishing their HP with shots and combination hits in exchange for prizes such as restorative supplies and equippable accessories.

The rewards you earn while playing Justice Monsters Five are determined on how many Chocobo Chests you acquire. (They’re the golden rectangles that appear after you clear a round on a slot machine.)

You can only receive one prize per game, therefore if you earn 99 treasures, you will only receive the top prize, not any of the other prizes.

Five Machine Locations in FFXV Justice Monsters: Where to Find them.

justice monsters five rewards

Each Crow’s Nest Diner has all five of the Justice Monsters Five Machines. Longwythe Rest Area, Coernix Station – Alstor, Cauthess Rest Area, Talepar Rest Area, and Old Lestallum are the restaurant’s five locations in Lucis.

The Director of Final Fantasy Wants the Game on Every Platform

The sixth and most expensive form of Justice Monsters Five may be found in Altissia’s Alessio cafe. Because this luxurious pinball machine costs 10,000 Gil every game, we recommend it solely for skilled players.
Five 10 Gil Rewards for FFXV Justice Monsters (PC)

  • Potion = 2 chests
  • 5 Chests = High Potency
  • Elixir Equals 10 Chests
  • Hi-Elixir = 15 Chests
  • Garnet Bracelet (Strength + 30) = 20 Chests
  • Carbon Bangle (Max HP +150) = 25 Chest
  • Amethyst Bracelet (Strength + 35) = 30 Chests
  • Titanium Bangle (Max HP +200) = 35 chests
  • Mega Phoenix = 40 Chests
  • Sapphire Bracelet (Strength + 45) = 45 Chests
  • Gold Bangle (Max HP +500) after 50 chests
  • Oracle Earring (Magic +200) = 60 Chests
  • \Ruby Bracelet (Strength +50) = 70 Chests
  • Platinum Bangle (Max HP +700): 80 chests
  • Emerald Bracelet (Strength +60) = 90 Chests
  • Celestriad = 99 Chests (reduces elemental magic damage by 30 percent)

FFXV Justice Monsters Five 10,000 Gil Rewards

It’s no surprise that the benefits from the high-roller pinball machine in Altissia far outweigh those from the standard machine, which costs a stunning 10,000 Gil every game.

  • 5 Chests = High Potency
  • Mega Phoenix = 10 Chests
  • Ruby Bracelet (Strength +50) = 15 Chest
  • Platinum Bangle (Max HP +700) after 20 chests
  • Emerald Bracelet (Strength +60) = 25 Chests
  • Centurion Bangle (Max HP +1000): 30 chests
  • Mystic Circlet (Magic +250) = 35 chests
  • 40 Chests = Moogle Charm (EXP bonus of 20% for equipped
  • members only, does not stack)
  • Legatus Bangle (Max HP +1200) = 45 chests
  • Blue Diamond Bracelet (Strength +80) = 50 Chests
  • Gigas Bangle (Max HP +1500) = 60 Chests
  • Assist Suit (Strength +30, Max HP +500, Vitality +20): 70 chests
  • Dark Matter Bracelet (Strength +100) = 80 Chests
  • Onion Bangle (Max HP + 2500) = 90 Chests
  • Lord Vexxos is a wind-up character with 99 chests (sell for 500KGil, or use to craft Maxicast spells, which “limit break” damage from 9,999 up to 99,999
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