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Judy Reyes: Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend & Facts


Judy Reyes is Known for her roles in movies such as Dirty, Bringing Out the Dead, and The Last Days of Summer, actress Judy has a wide range of acting experience.

In 2005, she starred in a film directed by Edwin M. Figueroa, Glow Ropes. This film won the Best Film award at the HBO New York Latino Film Festival.

It was also screened at the Cannes International Film Festival and the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

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Judy Reyes Bio/Age

judy reyes

If you are wondering how old is Judy Reyes, then you’ve come to the right place. The acclaimed actress was born on 5 November 1967. That’s a Sunday.

So she will turn 55! The average person turns 54 around the same time. However, the age of famous people varies widely, so it’s best to check her age before making any decisions. She is now 54 years old.

The actress was born on November 5, 1967, in The Bronx, NY, USA. She is an American national and of Afro-Dominican heritage.

Her career in Hollywood began in the 1990s. She has also starred in French, Spanish, and German films. Despite being a star, Reyes is single.

Her age and height are both relatively low, but they have been steadily rising over the last few years.

Judy Reyes physical appearance

Reyes’ height is listed as 5 feet 8 inches. Her body build is skinny, with a waist measurement of 23 inches. Her eye color is black. She wears shoe size 8 and a dress size of 4.

Judy Reyes net worth

Judy Reyes is an American actress and producer. She is best known for her role as Carla Espinosa on the ABC legal drama series Scrubs. She has also appeared in guest roles on numerous other television series.

Her net worth has increased dramatically due to her numerous acting roles. Read on to learn more about her net worth.

The estimated net worth of Judy Reyes is $6 million. The net worth is a combination of money, properties, and earnings that Reyes has accumulated over three decades.

Although her main source of income is her acting career, Judy Reyes is also devoted to living a humble life. Here are some other things you may not know about her:

Judy Reyes boyfriend

It’s no secret that Scrubs star Judy Reyes has been in a relationship for years. The actress first met her husband George Valencia on the set of the legal drama “The Practice” in 1998.

Since then, they have been inseparable. In addition to a long-term relationship, they share a daughter, Leila Rey Valencia. The couple haven’t revealed any details about their love life, but the actress has been open about her relationship with Valencia.

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