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Johnny depp fired : Supporters of Johnny Depp demand that Amber Heard be fired from ‘Aquaman 2’.

johnny depp firedFurious Fans of Johnny Depp have taken to Twitter in droves to demand that Amber Heard, his ex-wife, be removed from the starring role in Aquaman 2.

On Monday, director James Wan announced on Instagram that Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is in the works, but a sizeable contingent of Depp fans were angry to find Amber Heard is still involved in the movie.

Depp’s fans argue that Heard should be fired from her lucrative film job in the same way that her ex-husband was fired following a contentious libel trial, using the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp on Twitter.

After losing his high-profile “wife beater” libel action against The Sun newspaper late in 2020, Depp was fired from his role as dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts movie.

Depp and Heard had traded heated charges of domestic violence before Depp’s loss in court.

While both parties have categorically rejected the allegations, Depp has claimed that Heard once tossed a bottle at him, causing the top of his finger to be cut. During their rocky relationship, he also claimed she stubbed a cigarette out on his cheek.

Fans of Depp were outraged to find that Heard had kept her big screen role, prompting online petitions to have her removed from the highly anticipated sequel.

@pvt aks took to Twitter to say: “Although Johnny Depp’s forthcoming projects have been cancelled, Amber Heard is still set to play the lead in Aquaman 2. @wbpictures don’t be so snobby; at the very least, recognise an actor’s acting abilities.”

@Nonantel bong wrote, “The truth of the judiciary around the world, where a woman is always innocent until proven guilty & a male is always guilty unless proven innocent.” “Justice should not be based on a person’s gender; it is a basic human right that everyone deserves.”

“Please let’s stop this movie from ever being made with @realamberheard and let’s start obtaining justice for not only Johnny Depp but others regardless of gender who have and are suffering at the hands of an abuser!!” urged Depp fan @AndreaOldfield6.

“Bro, I really want to watch Aquaman 2, since that movie was fantastic,” @TheWarlockq commented on Twitter. “However, if Amber is still in that film, I’m not going to see it.”

@ZFitz8 tweeted, “Hey, @warnerbros, read the room.” “Congratulations on destroying Aquaman 2, you’ve earned it. People aren’t irrational. Amber Heard has admitted to abusing Johnny Depp on a regular basis.”

In the meantime, @SandysBitxh_ tweeted: “I’m not going to give WarnerBros. any money as long as they keep an ABUSER in Aquaman2. Standing behind a lady who has been seen on tape physically and emotionally abusing her partner. It’s impossible to justify.”

On change.org, a petition to remove Heard from the big-budget project has gotten over 1.8 million signatures.


Heard played Mera, the princess of Xebel and Arthur Curry/love Aquaman’s interest, in the first Aquaman film, which was released in 2018. At the international box office, the picture grossed more than $1.4 billion.

With Jason Momoa returning to reprise the title role, nothing is known about the sequel, which is set to hit theatres in December 2022.



After charges of violence and intimate aspects of Depp’s difficult relationship with Heard were publicly aired in court in 2020, a judge found that The Sun was correct in calling him a “wife beater” in a headline.

Mr. Justice Nicol, the court, stated in his decision: “The claimant [Depp] was unsuccessful in his libel case… The defendants [The Sun and News Group Newspapers] have demonstrated that what they published was essentially truthful in the sense that I have given the words.”

As a result of the decision, Depp’s position in the Fantastic Beasts franchise was terminated.

In November 2020, Depp wrote on Instagram, “In light of recent developments, I would want to make the following short remark.” “First and foremost, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone who has shown me their support and dedication. Your words of compassion and care, especially in the last few days, have humbled and affected me.”

“Secondly,” he said, “I’d want to let you know that Warner Bros. has asked me to resign from my position as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts, and I’ve respected and agreed to that request.”

Mads Mikkelsen, a Danish actor, has since taken his place as the Hollywood star.

After splitting from long-term companion Vanessa Paradis in 2012, Depp began dating Heard, with whom he collaborated on the 2011 film The Rum Diary.

In February 2015, they married in a civil ceremony, but Heard filed for divorce in May 2016. In January 2017, their divorce was completed.

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