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Know About Joe Rogan’s Wife Jessica Ditzel?


Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Ditzel: Jessica Ditzel a famous model and she is well-known for being the wife of popular American Comedian named Joe Rogan. She was born on 18 July 1975 and she is 46 years old. By profession she is a Model.

In this article we have discussed about Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Ditzel wiki, personal life, profession, physical appearance, marital life and kids. So lets know everything about her. Follow more updates on chopnews

Who is Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Ditzel

According to Sidomex Entertainment, Jessica Ditzel (Jessica Rogan) was born in 1975 to Jeff Conrad Ditzel, a well-known musician.

Before working as a cocktail server in several clubs, the Colorado woman earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University.

Jessica is a former model who was signed by M Model Management and Wholesome, a Korean brand.

Sidomex also worked as an account executive for Robert Half Technology in California, as a management assistant for Rent A Car, and as a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports, according to her resume.

According to the website, Joe Rogan met Jessica in 2001 while she was working as a bartender.
“Shortly after their first meeting, the two began dating,” it continues. Their relationship, however, was not public knowledge at the time.”

Jessica was previously married to the late Keven “Dino” Conner, with whom she had a daughter, singer Kayja Rose, before meeting multi-millionaire Podcast presenter Joe.

A sports utility vehicle collided with a car driven by Keven’s girlfriend, Teshya Rae Weisent, 22, in which he was a passenger, according to Chron.

Teshya Rae had just picked up the lead singer of R&B group H-Town from a recording studio when the SUV allegedly ran a red light and collided with the vehicle, ejecting them both.

Teshya Rae was found dead at the site, while Keven died en route to the hospital.

Jessica is frequently mistaken for Jessica Schimmel in numerous internet stories, according to Sidomex, due to the seclusion surrounding Joe’s family.

“She is an altogether different person,” according to the website.

“Jessica Schimmel is a television producer who has worked on shows such as The Simpsons (1989), Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed (2005), and Howard Stern on Demand,” it continues (2005).

“Thus, while sharing a similar first name and even a comparable alma mater, Jessica Ditzel (Jessica Rogan) and Jessica Schimmel are not the same individual.”

Her Wiki

By profession she is a former model. Jessica is famous for being the wife of American comedian, actor and podcast host whose name is Joe Rogan.

Jessica Ditzel height, weight & more

Her height is quite decent, which is 5 feet 10inches. However, her weight is not known. Ditzel eye color is Brown and hair color is Blonde.

Jessica’s Personal Life

Jessica was born on 18 July 1975 and she is of 45 years old as of 2021. Her birthplace is Texas, US. Jessica’s zodiac sign is Cancer. She holds American Nationality. She has studied in California State University, Long Beach, California.

When Jessica Ditzel got married?

In 2009, Jessica Ditzel married Joe Rogan.

According to Sidomex Entertainment, the couple confirmed their engagement in 2008.

Jessica Ditzel has how many children?

Joe doesn’t divulge much about his personal life, however he did mention that he had three children on one of his episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rosy, 11, Lola, 13, and Kayja Rose, 24, are Jessica and Joe’s three children.

Joe’s biological children are Rosy and Lola, and after marrying Jessica, he adopted Kayja Rose, his stepdaughter.

Kayja’s biological father is Jessica’s former partner, the late Keven Conner, as previously reported.

According to Sportskeeda, she followed in his musical footsteps by releasing her maiden EP, Tipsy, in 2017.

“Her interest in music could be ascribed to her late biological father, Dino Conner,” the website continues.

She has five other singles on Spotify, the most recent of which being Breathless Over You, which was also her first tune of 2021.

“Rose, on the other hand, has been more active on Soundcloud,” it continues.

The singer posts beautiful photos of her smiling mother on Instagram, one of which is captioned, “‘I’m not a typical mom, I’m a hip mom.'” I’d want to wish the coolest awesome mama I know a happy Mother’s Day. “Where would I be if it weren’t for you?”

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