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Jeremy Meeks Net Worth: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth & Latest News


Jeremy Meeks Net Worth:  is one of the hottest stars in the rap world today. He has earned a considerable net worth due to his success in the music industry, and his popularity continues to rise. His mugshot went viral, and he has also been arrested and incarcerated for a variety of crimes.

If you you want to know more about him stick to this article, here you will find everything regarding Jeremy Meeks.

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Jeremy Meeks Net Worth: Jeremy Meeks’ career

Jeremy Meeks’s mug shot went viral on Facebook. His picture looked like a model posing for a photo shoot.

It gained over 20k likes and shares on the page. The picture also racked up a lot of comments.

When he was arrested, Meeks was a member of the criminal group known as the Crips. He was involved in gang violence in his early teenage years.

He was introduced to heroin at a young age and had a rough childhood. He received a sentence of 27 months in prison.

After a successful stint in prison, he reformed his behavior. He was able to get a modeling contract.

He was signed by White Cross Management in Los Angeles.

He has also appeared in a video titled WiFi by Russian pop singer Olga Buzova.

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot goes viral

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot went viral when it was shared on Facebook. In the first 24 hours it received over 25,000 likes.

After this it generated over 13,000 comments. It has also been called the “Hot Felon” or the “Prison Bae”.

Meeks’ mugshot has gone viral because he is very attractive. He has high cheek bones, and blue eyes. Moreover, he has a teardrop tattoo underneath his eye. Many women have commented on his looks.

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot was posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

The department has 95,000 fans. They started the page in March 2012.

The photo of Meeks’ arrest was featured on the page and dubbed the “Blue-Eyed Bandit.”

When the mugshot was posted on the Stockton police’s page, it received positive responses. People compared it to the headshots of models.

Jeremy Meeks’ relationship with Chloe Green

Jeremy Meeks’ relationship with Chloe Green is a mixed bag. Although they have been spotted in public together, they have been off and on throughout the last few months.

Earlier this summer, rumors started that they had split. However, sources say they are still on good terms.

According to Us Weekly, Meeks and Green were still communicating. They were even seen shopping for baby items together in February.

Apparently, they’ve been trying to keep their relationship together.

The relationship between Jeremy and Chloe first began when the two were still married.

They were married to each other for eight years. After a year, the couple split. During that time, Jeremy became a stepdad to Green’s daughter. He also dated the model. They have a son.

Jeremy Meeks’ education

Jeremy Meeks is an American model. He has made a splash in the fashion industry and has been in the news lately for his involvement in a number of events.

This former felon has been in the media for a number of reasons, but he has also received a lot of applause from the Hollywood community.

Jeremy Meeks is 35 years old and was born on February 7, 1984. He is 6 feet tall, and has blue-grey eyes.

He was born into a family of heroin addicts, and has a mother who was addicted to drugs when he was born.

Despite his troubled childhood, Meeks has managed to overcome adversity and became a successful model.

Jeremy Meeks was arrested in 2014 after being part of a gang sweep, but was released from prison the following year.

He has walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, and has been featured in a music video.

He also has appeared on award shows such as the Princess Grace Awards Gala in 2017.

Jeremy Meeks’ incarceration

Jeremy Meeks’ incarceration and net worth have gained him a lot of attention in recent years.

The American model, who was released from prison in March 2016, has an estimated net worth of PS4 million.

His major income comes from modeling and acting. He also receives sponsorships and other forms of income.

Jeremy Meeks was arrested in June 2014 during a gang sweep in Stockton, California. His arrest was a part of a larger police operation to root out members of the North Side Crips gang.

Meeks was a member of the gang at the time of his arrest. His bail was set at almost $1 million. The judge set the bail high because of the risk of flight.

When he was arrested, Meeks’s mother Katherine Angier set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money to pay for his bail.

The page received over $3000 in donations. But it wasn’t enough to get Meeks out of jail.

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