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Jacob Elordi: Bio, Movies, Tv shows, Physical stats & Networth


Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor. He was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from college, he decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue his career in acting.

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Jacob Elordi bio

A well-known Australian actor named Jacob Elordi portrayed Noah Flynn in the highly regarded Netflix movie The Kissing Booth.

Jacob was reared in Brisbane, Australia, and has always had a fascination with the acting industry.

He started acting and participated in several theater productions while still in school.

He played the Cat in the Hat and sang in the musical “Seussical,” which was one of his earliest acting performances. As he got older, his love for acting grew stronger.

He was greatly influenced by Heath Ledger, another Australian actor who had already made a name for himself in Hollywood.

He appeared briefly and uncredited in the 2017 Hollywood film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” before making his big-screen debut.

The next year, he played Rooster in the comedy/drama movie Swinging Safari, which marked his official acting debut.

His life changed after he played Noah Flynn in the teen romance comedy The Kissing Booth.

Age 25 years old (in 2022)
Date of Birth 26 June, 1997
Nickname Jacob
Profession Actor
Nationality Australian
Birthplace Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Jacob Elordi movies

The Australian actor Jacob Elordi has a variety of roles in movies and TV series. His most notable roles include the teen film franchises on Netflix and HBO.

In addition, he has appeared in a number of independent films.

In 2018, Jacob Elordi broke into the movie scene and started landing some impressive roles.

His Netflix teen trilogy, “The Kissing Booth,” introduced him to the world of acting.

Since then, he’s been cast in a number of movies, including “The Kissing Booth” and the rom-com “2 Hearts.” He will also play a major role in the erotic thriller Deep Water.

And these are just some of his most notable roles to date.

Jacob Elordi tv shows

One of the many Australian actors who are making their mark on television is Jacob Elordi.

Having made his debut in the hit movie “The Kissing Booth,” he has since gone on to play a host of other characters on TV shows and in movies.

He has been recognized for his roles in several shows, including “The Good Place” and “Euphoria.”

In 2019, Elordi landed his second major role in HBO’s teen drama “Euphoria.” The show was produced and co-created by director Nick Pileggi, and he’s been in the series since it premiered in 2019.

The series has already won multiple awards and is set for three seasons. Elordi also co-starred in the psychological thriller film “Deep Water,” alongside Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck.

Jacob Elordi physical stats

Height 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meter)
Weight 86 (190)
Waist 32 in
Body Type Mesomorph
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown

Jacob Elordi networth

Jacob is an Australian actor who has a net worth of $3 Million US as of 2022.

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