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It Is Our Duty To Care for Stray Animals: Manas Gupta

Anoop Maurya



Manas Gupta, a 12th grader at GD Goenka Public School Model Town, invests a lot of time to care for feral dogs. He continues to dedicate time for this in parallel to his academics because he regards it as his moral obligation, and he motivates people of all ages.

Be Responsible & Save Stary Animals

save animalsManas Gupta believes that “it is essential to treat stray dogs due to the lack of awareness and the scarcity of people who do so.
You’ll be astounded to discover how devoted the street dogs are to their feeders.
When people feed and shelter them, they will immediately make connections with them. A bond so strong that they will put oneself in danger to ensure your safety as soon as they are near you.
Stray dogs help society in many ways, one of which is their unwavering affection. They put the security and safety of other people over their own, just as other fine breeds of dogs.
There may be a variety of factors why street dogs are so friendly toward us.
Many people would be shocked to find that street dogs make excellent security dogs due to their natural desire to guard their families and territorial characteristics.
When guarding their area and the lives of other dogs, you may have seen how vigilant and aggressive they are when on the streets. Additionally, they often bark to alert other nearby dogs and humans whenever they have even the slightest suspicion.

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