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Is Jamal Dead or Alive: Know About His Death Rumours


Is Jamal Dead or Alive: Social media is full of rumors. The death of TikToker Jamal, a popular TikToker star, is the latest topic.

Rumours abound that TikTok’s star has died. Many people believe the rumors, and flood the internet with RIP messages and tributary posts.

There is also a segment of people who deny the news. Social media has been divided into two sections. One believes Jamal is dead and the other denies.

Is Jamal dead or alive?

Is Jamal Dead or Alive

Recent death rumors about Jamal’s demise surfaced online. Jamal’s fans believed that the rumors were false and could not be believed that he had died.

The news spread quickly on social media. It is now clear that TikTok’s star is still alive and well. These are just speculations. We can inform our readers that Jamal seems to be doing well.

Jamal is still alive and well. Abraham Clinkscales is the real person behind the “Jamal Did It!” meme.

TikTok Star Death Rumors & Memes Go Viral

His original content creation has been well-received and he is active on social media. His Instagram account says he is an actor and performer who goes under the stage name of “Jamal.”

All his followers were confused by his recent posts about the passing of a prominent TikTok celebrity. TikTok’s April 2022 issue featured a meme about a young Black boy falsely accused of stealing KFC chicken.

The meme shows four people, three of them white and one carrying a chicken. The child was given the name Jamal a few months later. Abraham Clinkscales (a young actor) was the inspiration for the role.

Soon, the internet began to show footage of the boy being accused of everything, from kidnapping to theft cookies. However, each time the boy’s image was shared online, images of white people were taken that are not at fault.

The meme mocked and parodied racial stereotypes that favor white people. The meme was harshly criticised online for its implications, and for tolerating stereotypes like these.

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