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Inverter Batteries, Where To Buy Them?


What are inverter batteries?

These are battery packs(usually lead or lithium-based) coupled with an inverter to act as temporary power backup for home appliances during a power cut, to keep the supply uninterrupted.

Inverter batteries for your home and the factors you should consider before buying:

1. Your power supply needs:

The reason for buying the inverter for, it can be calculated by summing the wattage required by your appliance that are necessary for you during a power outage like fans, lights, personal computer, and television.

2. VA rating: 

This is found by the ratio of power requirements in watts to the efficiency of the inverters. Ideally, the inverter should give 100% output but we all know that’s not possible in real-world conditions, hence the output of inverters is usually 60-70% which is called a Power Factor. 

VA rating= total power required (sum of wattage required by each appliance) / power factor.

3. Battery capacity:

The most important factor to consider before buying your batteries. It’s the battery capacity that decides your backup hours and it is usually expressed in Ampere Hours (Ah). Most consumers are prone to scams inverter battery dealers because of not understanding this calculation.

Battery capacity = Power requirement (in watts) * Back up hours (in hrs) / Battery Voltage (in volts) 

4. Warranty covers:

Inverters batteries even though they are durable and reliant, tend to loose their efficiency when they’re prone to rapid voltage fluctuations and frequent charging and discharging cycles. In cases like these, the warranty from the manufacturer will cover the refill or in some cases get replaced too.

5. Service centres:

Lack of specialized care and improper installation can severely affect the life of inverter battery for home, hence it is of utmost importance to buy from manufactures with extensive service centers across the country.

Where to buy Inverter batteries:

1. Local dealerships:

The conventional way to buy, you can walk into any of our Okaya Dealerships across the country and get assistance from our dealers in buying the inverter batteries that suit you.

2. Buy Inverter Battery online:

Adaptability is the key to growth, now you can buy inverters online at our website by introspecting your needs by our customer service. Fast delivery and professional installation by us will make sure the power supply you require is uninterrupted.

3. E-commerce websites:

Now you can buy our batteries on shopping websites like Amazon and get them installed by an authorized local technician, visit the website to know about the specs.

What do they cost:

Inverter batteries are less expensive when compared to UPS, and the price is an investment considering the need for your uninterrupted power supply. The inverter battery prices usually are dependent upon the battery range with the lowest range of 80Ah priced at Rs.10000 and the highest of 220Ah priced at Rs22000 with a minimum of 2 years extended warranty.

It’s a well-known fact that an inverter’s battery is its lifeline. The electric charge from the battery is managed by an inverter, but the backup charge is maintained by the battery.

Bring home Okaya Inverter Batteries, which are one of the most reliable backup brands and are also very cost-effective in the long term.