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What is SSRPM and its uses?




SSRPM stands for Self Service Reset Password Manager, which lets users reset their passwords anytime, anywhere. With this, your users can easily come across hurdles like forgotten passwords. Tools4Ever Software lets its user authentication bring your account back to being productive. It gets you rid of menial chaotic resets that you take from your helpdesk. You can utilize this precious IT bandwidth for necessary tasks. It allows users to reset their passwords 24/7.   

SSRPM allows users to reset their passwords in case of expired or forgotten credentials without involving any helpdesk assistance. In fact, a series of questions must be answered as a security check. You need to answer a set of predefined challenge questions to manage your password. Thus, it is self-service, so there will be less interruption in the helpdesk due to fewer password-related calls; thus, there will be more work productivity.  

Uses of SSRPM

  • Active Directory self-service

With this feature, end-users edit attributes in AD and ensure that the data remains current throughout.

  • Helpdesk ID Verification

The password reset process can be accomplished when certain characters are provided by users against challenging questions for identity verification.

  • Safe onboarding Process

An Account Claiming module fills security gaps for new hires in your onboarding processes. In addition, it takes care of transferring accounts and credentials for new users.

  •  Two-factor Authentication

SSRPM offers an additional level of security through a PIN sent via email or text to users.

  • 24/7 Availability

Users can reset their passwords 24/7 at any time from anywhere. Of course, the requirement of an Internet connection is a must. Also, no one needs to write their passwords on risky notes, stickies, or notepads. End users can easily handle their resets without disturbing the helpdesk, so every team can focus on work and be more productive.

  • Reduced Helpdesk Calls

Self-service and password reset ability will let every team perform their own tasks. Every employee can change their passwords on their own. There will be less helpdesk intervention, minimized backlogs, and better work productivity.


Tools4Ever Software has a Self Service Reset Password Manager tool that manages your passwords and lets every individual reset them in need of the hour. It is beneficial as passwords can be reset 24/7 anytime from anywhere; only your device should have an Internet connection.

There are also reduced helpdesk calls if individuals can change and reset their credentials. It is also secure because it asks certain challenge questions before password reset. There’ll be more work productivity because of fewer password reset-related helpdesk calls.

SSRPM comes with increased password security as users adhere to complex requirements that can be configured, and no one has to write their passwords on notepad and stickies to remember, which is unsafe and risky.

Other than these, SSRPM has multiple other features like an active directory, helpdesk ID verification, two-factor authentication, and a secure onboarding process.

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