INCREASE PRIVACY IN YOUR BACKYARD WITH THESE TIPS: Backyard spaces are great for relaxing and barbecuing. Unfortunately, the space is often open to the prying eyes of the neighbors. The lack of privacy makes it an unfavorable outdoor space. Nonetheless, there are few things you can do to increase privacy in your backyard.



Use Planters

One way to enhance the privacy of your backyard is to set up big planters around the perimeter. The planters block the view into the backyard and enhance privacy.

Big planters that can accommodate big shrubs and flowers are the most ideal. They cover a wider view and keep away prying eyes.

You should set up the planters in a row to cover a large viewing area. Aside from enhancing privacy, the planters also improve the looks of the backyard

Plant Trees

Trees are nature’s privacy screen. The branches, leaves, and flowers form a crown that can completely impede the view of your backyard.

There are different types of trees used for fencing and privacy. All of them share some characteristics like broad leaves, numerous branches, and great height.

Moreover, the trees reach maturity in a short time ensuring you get your privacy as soon as possible. Fencing trees come in varied sizes to fit any space, therefore, your backyard dimensions are not an excuse to avoid this natural privacy screen.

The only cumbersome part about trees is trimming and cleaning up when leaves fall off. Nonetheless, it’s not a bad tradeoff for what you are getting.


Fences are designed to keep prying eyes out and improve security. They also help demarcate a space to stop the intrusion.

There are different types of fences that offer different levels of privacy. The wired and iron fences offer the least privacy but are good for security

The precast concrete fence and brick wall fences offer the best privacy. Wood fences, on the other hand, have different designs with different levels of privacy. Open designs compromise privacy while the closed wood fence completely blocks the view into your yard.

Install a Privacy Screen

When a fence is not enough, a good privacy screen may do the job. Privacy screens are designed to obstruct the view into your backyard space.

They can be set up in different parts of the backyard where privacy is paramount. If you have a small backyard the screens can go all around the area.

Privacy screens can also double as art installations. The designs have a unique appeal that enhances the overall look of your backyard.

Use Outdoor Curtains

As valuable as they are in the bedroom, curtains also increase privacy in outdoor spaces. They go well on the porch or pergola and create private spaces.

You can mount the curtains as freestanding units to demarcate a lounging or dining area. On the other hand, you can add curtains as accessories to your alfresco, pergola, or patio.

The curtains are also a design statement and improve the look of your outdoor space. Ensure you get the appropriate curtains since the outdoors is open to the elements.

Grow a Living Fence

One of the ways to improve the privacy in your backyard is to grow a living fence. This is a row of tightly spaced hedges designed to mimic a fence while offering the same sturdiness.

The living fence is a good physical barrier and enhances the looks of backyard spaces. Although the fence needs some care, it’s often made of highly resistant plants

Try Pergolas and Outdoor Decking

Setting up outdoor dining areas, kitchens, or lounges on outdoor decks and pergolas helps improve privacy by providing an option to screen the structures.

Pergolas can also accommodate vines and other climbing plants that enhance privacy within the space. Setting up decks and pergolas may not improve privacy in the entire backyard but all the functional areas will be out of view.

Backyards are fun spaces that should invite freedom. Do not let a lack of privacy dictate what you can or cannot do in your own backyard. Take all the necessary steps to improve privacy and start enjoying the outdoor space.

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