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Hurricane Larry Could Make Landfall in the United States


Hurricane Larry is moving through the Atlantic and has the potential to make landfall in the United States. It is a powerful and devastating storm and one that is sure to make a splash. Here’s an overview of how it will impact the United States.

Tropical storm

Hurricane Larry

Tropical storm Larry is heading toward the east coast of the United States. It is expected to become a major hurricane before turning to the northwest. As a result, it will bring dangerous rip current conditions to the eastern shores.

Larry is expected to churn over the Atlantic Ocean for several days. If it does become a major hurricane, it could be one of the longest-lived tropical systems on record.

The National Hurricane Center predicts that Larry will be a Category 3 hurricane by Thursday or Friday. The winds will be around 140 mph.

Larry is moving to the west at 21 mph. As a major hurricane, it will be well-north of the Leeward Islands. By Thursday, it will approach Bermuda and the Lesser Antilles.

A cold front will move through the area by Thursday afternoon. This will cause clouds and showers to cover the region. Another low pressure system will then merge with Larry by Sunday.

Larry is forecast to weaken, but it will still have a strong impact on Greenland and Greenland’s southern tip. In addition, it is expected to spawn a tropical wave. That wave will be expected to reach the northern Atlantic by the second week of September.

Although it is not expected to make a direct impact on the United States, Larry’s storm surge and waves will continue to affect the east coast through late September.

Large swells will also impact the Bahamas and parts of the western Atlantic coast.

Track in the Atlantic

If you’re an avid surfer, you probably are aware of the track of Hurricane Larry in the Atlantic. This storm has the makings of a very special storm. In fact, it may even become an extratropical hurricane.

As Hurricane Larry continues its track, the National Hurricane Center reports that it will continue to weaken over the next few days.

The storm will track westward, before turning north over the weekend. By Sunday, the storm will reach the Caribbean and move eastward toward Bermuda and Canada.

In the meantime, Hurricane Larry will continue to produce large swells that will spawn dangerous rip current conditions on beaches along the East Coast of the United States and Canada.

A strong wind field will also be produced by the storm. So, expect a lot of heavy rains, coastal flooding and storm surges.

For now, it appears that Larry will be a strong tropical system, but it may not come close to land until it makes landfall in Canada.

Some indications are that the storm could make a very close approach to Newfoundland, Canada around September 10-11. However, at this time, it is too early to say for certain.

It’s expected that the strength of Hurricane Larry will remain strong throughout the remainder of the week. It will be moving through the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Impact on the United States

Hurricane Larry is still churning in the Atlantic. But the storm is moving away from the United States.

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring the condition of Larry. The hurricane has a large diameter eyewall. It is expected to make a turn to the northwest this week.

By Friday night, it will pass near southeastern Newfoundland, Canada. This is the same region that has been targeted by nearly three dozen named tropical systems since 1950.

A cold front will push into the region on Wednesday and Thursday. This will cause periods of showers through Thursday afternoon. Several troughs of low pressure will keep Tropical Storm Larry off the U.S. coast.

While it is unlikely that Larry will make landfall, it could create dangerous rip currents along the East Coast.

North Carolina beaches are expected to experience heavy ocean swells. Surf is estimated to be at least 6 feet high. Coastal erosion is also a possibility.

Hurricane Larry is expected to strengthen over the weekend. Its winds are projected to reach 110 mph by Sunday. Larry is also predicted to continue producing significant swells.

These swells are projected to reach the East Coast and Bermuda by late this week.

If the center of Larry makes landfall, it is expected to be a Category 2 hurricane. The hurricane will then weaken over the next few days.

In addition to the strong winds, the hurricane will produce rip currents that are dangerous for surfers.

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