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What is Human Resource Management and Its Functions?


Key aspects of Human Resource Management: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Key aspects of hr management.

The Workplace for health and safety is a mess that many of the Human Resource professionals would prefer to leave well alone and are left to those in the risk management characters. Comparing with the legislation, to obey internal policies and procedures, safe workplace and management of the financial and legal risk are simple.

Human Resource Management Meaning | Human Resource Management Functions

What is Human Resource Management

For a company to succeed in giving its workplace health and safety program, Human Resource has an important role to play.  Here are some aspects of Human Rights, which have an essential role in the success of any WHS program.

Design of a Job

Aspects of many job designs are such as Workload, Rostering, Shift work, Clarity of reporting relationships and direction, Supervision, and more have a critical role in preserving workplace injury.  The Physical injuries can be minimized through the foundation of principles, repetitiveness, and physical exertion of activities in the resourcing planning.

Company’s Culture

Developing a first safety culture that is required to moving beyond the pathological and reactive practices of the past to a proactive and generative culture of safety. The Human Rights systems have an essential role in the possibility of this change, but most of the senior management and Human Resource plays an important role in driving the culture of a workplace away from the pathological and reactive, towards one which is proactive and generative too.

The Selection and Recruitment

Selection and Recruitment can be assisting in the prevention of a company’s injury and illness in several ways.  Firstly, it is important that all successful candidates are identified with can demonstrate a commitment to be in safe work practices. That is Including WHS questions in the interviews and safety field of testing are examples of some ways that employers can do this.

Management’s Performance

Linking WHS to the performance of management processes that are including such as Appraisals, Reward and Recognition, Performance Standards, and Performance recovery. It ensures that workplace health and safety is taken seriously by all and that safe work practices are not left completely in the unavoided focus on meeting the other business objectives.

Introduction of a Job

Most of the statistics show that new employees are the most likely to be injured, therefore it is more important than safety information specific to a character is provided as early as possible.  This can be early to start or immediately upon the star. This information should include any information regarding policies and procedures that are relevant to the role, and also a practical introduction into specific safety equipment, practices, or risks that may exist in their new character.

Development and Training

Successfully meets WHS legal that states which include ensuring that the employees are provided with some instruction and training which is relevant to their role. This may include training on particular Policies, Procedures, Tasks, or equipment, and that can also be included to ensuring that employees who are required to these aspects, should possess the relevant licenses or qualifications on this.

Management of Absenteeism

Absenteeism data can tell you a lot about a company, and work units relating to it. High absenteeism may also indicate Low job satisfaction, Physically or mentally taxing job demands, or rift between employees or managers.  Each of these issues has the ability to lead to a workplace injury or illness if not effectively addressing. The ways that absenteeism is managed in a firm can also affect the OH&S performance of the employee.

Health and Well Being of Employee

The Employee’s health and well-being programs can potentially have the not deliberate benefit of reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. Increased awareness of physical and mental health can be an increase in the commitment to safe work practices, and safety culture generally.  Physical conditioning is associated with exercise programs that can be Improve posture, Improve work Tolerance and strength, and assist in relieving workplace stress.

Working conditions and Facilities

Employers are required to give and maintain a minimal level of facilities for the welfare of workers such as to get to first aid and amenities such as clean drinking water and washing facilities.  The increase in the incidence of working from home arrangements also creates a requirement for the employers to ensure that the home workplace should meet the above criteria which are generally safe and comfortable and do not pose additional harm or injury to the employee.

Human Resource Policies and Procedures

Huan Resource policies and procedures such as Codes of conduct, Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination, Alcohol and Drug Use, Smoking, and Grievance reporting cross over into the places of WHS.  Law of these policies and or procedures have the potential to result in workplace injury and workers’ compensation claims.

So, these are Human Resources which is not just about Payroll, Change management, and Budgets. But also relating to their claim of salary, Health and facilities, and many things under this process. The most important aspect of Human rights is still people. The important function of any Human Resource department is to Find, Attract, and Retain the best people for the availability of positions in the business.

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