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How to Whip a Dirt Bike – 5 Best Tips for Beginners Review


Last updated on July 12th, 2022 at 01:06 pm

How to Whip a Dirt Bike – 5 Best Tips for Beginners Review: Dirt bike riders do lots of tricks and one of these many tricks is known as whipping a dirt bike. This trick looks very complicated. It, however, is one any dirt bike rider can execute once the concept involved is grasped.

A whip simply involves dirt bike riders taking a high jump and pushing their bike sideways while on the bike when the bike is parallel to the ground.

The concept of whipping a bike is not a difficult one. With the right tricks at your fingertip, it is something you will be able to do over and over again.

That being said, below are 5 best tips for whipping a dirt bike that beginners can make use of.

How to Whip a Dirt Bike – 5 Best Tips for Beginners Review

Confidence is Important

It will be very difficult to whip a dirt bike if you lack confidence says The Dirt Bike Review. The lack of confidence brings about a huge volume of fear which can ultimately bring about going about whipping a dirt bike the wrong way and getting injured. If you are a beginner at dirt bike riding, it is recommended to learn the basics before you attempt to whip a dirt bike.

A whip might not exactly be the easiest thing to do when riding a dirt bike. It can be complicated and dangerous. However, when you have the right level of confidence, the danger, as well as the complications associated with whipping a dirt bike can be handled very easily.

Before attempting to whip a dirt bike, you need to have an assurance in your ability to do so. This is important because a simple mistake while attempting this can damage your bike and get you injured.

Although the right level of confidence is needed to help you achieve a whip on a dirt bike, the truth remains your first attempts will not be in any way easy. The implication of this is you should not begin by making large jumps. You should get started with small jumps. When you do this, you will be able to master your strengths, as well as your weaknesses.

Being nervous is normal when making your first attempt to whip a dirt bike. So, when you find yourself nervous, you should not be scared. It is only a matter of time you begin whipping like a pro.

Do Not Force a Push

When looking to whip a dirt bike, it is not out of place to push. This push should be done with the use of your inside leg. 

While it is okay to push your dirt bike towards the side as you attempt to take a whip, you should not go beyond pushing and into force. While attempting to whip a dirt bike, you will have to push the bike after turning it into the curve that signifies the beginning of a jump.

After putting your bike into a curved position, you should not force it. You should not make an extra effort to tilt your dirt bike. If you make an extra effort in tilting your dirt bike, it means you did not get your bike into the right curved position and you will be unable to achieve the whip.

Landing the Jump

Carrying out a whip on your dirt bike is entirely challenging and the most challenging part of this process is landing. To land your dirt bike properly after carrying out a whip, there is something you must bear in mind. You must always remember that your dirt bike is not perpendicular to the ground, neither is it parallel to the ground. There is a likelihood of the rider of the bike getting injured if the bike is in any way tilted.

Going by this, after whipping your bike, you should be on the balls of your feet, have a loose form, and keep the bike in a straight position. Keeping the bike in a straight position will ensure that the bike lands without the rider being injured. Apart from keeping the rider of the dirt bike free from injury, keeping your dirt bike straight while landing can also help keep your bike from getting damaged.

Take Your Time

If you have mastered the act of whipping a dirt bike, you might decide to do so at a very fast speed. On the other hand, if you have not mastered whipping a dirt bike, you should avoid moving at full speed. The major reason you should not move at a very fast speed when still learning to whip a dirt bike is it will be an entirely wrong approach to speed up when attempting a jump that you are not sure you can execute.

Taking things slow does not only mean you should not move at a very fast pace, but it also means you should spend a lot of time to push the bike out before you move on to turn the steering wheel.

Whipping a dirt bike is not a life and death affair. This means you should take out each move that is involved in whipping a dirt bike and practice in isolation. Continue at this until you master every single move in isolation. After mastering every move that is involved in whipping a dirt bike in isolation, you can go ahead and put these moves together, and carry out the entire process.

You do not need a Particular Dirt Bike for Whipping

Some people believe that motocross is the most ideal dirt bike for whipping. If you are of this belief, you are wrong. The fact that motocross was the first bike that was used in whipping does not make it better than other bikes so long whipping is concerned.

Whipping can be done on any dirt bike of your choice. As far as you are comfortable with a certain bike, you can use it when whipping.

If you take advantage of the tips above and stick to them religiously, it is only a matter of time before you start whipping like a pro. Although the tips above are just five, learning to whip like a pro will need you to put in a lot of effort.

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