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How to Spot a Hipster: 10 Signs You’re Outside a Hipster Hangout

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How to Spot a Hipster: Hipsters are a subculture of young, urban, and creative people who value individuality, authenticity, and alternative lifestyles. They are often associated with indie music, vintage fashion, organic food, craft beer, and coffee culture. But how can you tell if you are outside a hipster hangout? Here are 10 signs that might give you a clue.

what might be found outside a hipster
what might be found outside a hipster


1. The name of the place is ironic, obscure, or misspelled

Hipsters love to show off their cultural savvy and sense of humor by choosing quirky names for their hangouts. For example, you might see a bar called The Dive, a coffee shop called Bean There Done That, or a bookstore called Read Between the Lines. Sometimes, they also deliberately misspell words to make them look more unique or vintage, such as Kool Kutz for a hair salon or Froot for a juice bar.

2. The decor is eclectic, retro, or DIY

Hipsters are not fans of mainstream or modern design. They prefer to decorate their hangouts with vintage furniture, mismatched accessories, recycled materials, and handmade items. You might see old typewriters, vinyl records, mason jars, Polaroid photos, or string lights in a hipster hangout. They also like to mix and match different styles and themes, such as industrial chic, rustic farmhouse, or bohemian.

3. The menu is organic, local, or exotic

Hipsters care about the quality and origin of their food and drinks. They favor organic, local, and fair-trade products that are good for the environment and the community. They also like to try new and exotic flavors from different cuisines, such as Thai, Ethiopian, or Moroccan. You might see items like kale salad, quinoa bowl, kimchi burger, or matcha latte on a hipster menu.

4. The music is indie, alternative, or underground

Hipsters have a refined and eclectic taste in music. They shun mainstream pop and rock and listen to indie, alternative, or underground genres that are less known or appreciated by the masses. They also like to discover new and emerging artists before they become popular. You might hear bands like Arcade Fire, The National, Vampire Weekend, or Tame Impala in a hipster hangout.

5. The staff is tattooed, pierced, or bearded

Hipsters express their individuality and creativity through their appearance. They often sport tattoos, piercings, or beards that reflect their personality and interests. They also like to experiment with different hairstyles and colors, such as dreadlocks, mohawks, or pastels. You might see staff members with sleeve tattoos, nose rings, handlebar mustaches, or pink hair in a hipster hangout.

6. The customers are wearing glasses, hats, or scarves

Hipsters have a distinctive and fashionable style that sets them apart from the crowd. They like to wear glasses, hats, or scarves that add some flair and character to their outfits. They also like to mix vintage and modern pieces, such as plaid shirts, skinny jeans, leather jackets, or floral dresses. You might see customers wearing nerdy glasses, fedora hats, infinity scarves, or combat boots in a hipster hangout.

7. The activities are artsy, intellectual, or social

Hipsters enjoy activities that stimulate their minds and souls. They like to read books, watch movies, listen to podcasts, or play games that are artsy, intellectual, or social. They also like to share their opinions and insights with others who have similar tastes and values. You might see activities like book clubs, film screenings, trivia nights, or board games in a hipster hangout.

8. The vibe is cozy, casual, or cool

Hipsters like to hang out in places that are cozy, casual, or cool. They like to feel comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings and avoid places that are too loud, crowded, or flashy. They also like to have some privacy and space to enjoy their conversations and hobbies. You might feel a vibe of warmth, friendliness, creativity, or authenticity in a hipster hangout.

9. The location is hidden, trendy, or gentrified

Hipsters like to explore new and interesting places that are hidden, trendy, or gentrified. They like to find hidden gems that are off the beaten path and not well-known by the public. They also like to follow the latest trends and fads that are popular among their peers. They also like to witness the transformation and revitalization of old and rundown neighborhoods. You might find a hipster hangout in a back alley, rooftop, warehouse, or old factory.

10. The reviews are positive, witty, or sarcastic

Hipsters like to share their experiences and opinions on social media and online platforms. They like to write positive, witty, or sarcastic reviews that showcase their knowledge and humor. They also like to read and respond to other reviews that are similar or different from theirs. You might see reviews like “Best place ever!”, “I came for the coffee, stayed for the vibe”, or “So hipster it hurts” for a hipster hangout.

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