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How to solve the BHIM App “UPI registration failed” issue?


How to solve the BHIM App “UPI registration failed” issue?: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic of How to solve the BHIM App “UPI registration failed” issue.

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How to solve the BHIM App “UPI registration failed” issue?

upi registration failed

Bharat Interface for Money that is BHIM is a new feature of banking. It has become popular in India. Under the Digital India Campaign, the UPI payments method is mostly used online service in banking. The BHIM app is the first app-based on these UPI payments. If one is using BHIM App and facing an issue with the registration process. Then this guide is for one. In this article, I have explained how to solve the BHIM UPI registration failed issue.

How to solve the issue of “UPI registration failed” in BHIM App?

This issue may happen due to various reasons. We will see each possible reason and also a way to fix that issue.

Solution 1 – Check The SIM that is inserted in SIM Slot 1

Many phones have dual SIM trays, and many of the users are taking advantage of this feature. Most of the time we make the SMS sending option to SIM 1 only. And if one inserts the Bank registered Mobile number in SIM slot2. Then the BHIM app may not be able to send the message from the SIM2.

Due to this problem, the UPI registration cannot be completed. And one may get the error “UPI registration failed”.

To solve the issue just insert the SIM in the SIM Slot1 always.

Solution 2 – Ensure Balance in the SIM to solve the UPI registration failed issue.

The UPI registration is done that is SMS. It requires a balance to send the SMS. If one doesn’t have a balance in the Bank registered mobile number, then the verification cannot be completed.

To solve this, the issue recharges the number with an available top-up or the SMS pack.

Solution 3 – Check the mobile number that is in the Network range.

If one is using the Wi-Fi connection to download the app. But the Mobile does not have network coverage. Then SMS sending will get failed. Due to this issue, the registration of UPI can get failed.

To solve the issue, one can move to the area network coverage. That is good and then try again to register.

Solution 4 – Check if the number is registered in the Bank.

The mobile number might not be registered in the Bank. Due to this UPI app is not able to recognize the identity. And the UPI registration process gets failed.

To solve this issue, one needs to register a mobile number in the Bank. Visit the bank branch and fill-up the form to link the mobile number with the Bank account.

Solution 5 – Keep only one SIM in the phone.

sometimes UPI App that is BHIM App may not be able to detect the correct SIM from the available two SIM cards. Due to this, the “UPI registration failed” issue may get arises.

To solve this issue, just remove the other SIM from the phone. To keep the Bank registered mobile number in SIM slot1.

Solution 6 – Try after some time as the Servers might be busy.

UPI service is the fastest-growing feature and also facing a blackout many times. The issue of “UPI registration failed” may happen due to such server overburden.

One may wait for some time and then try again to register for the BHIM UPI.

Solution for the issue of UPI registration

Solution 7 – Disable the VoLTE feature on the phone.

One of our readers has provided this excellent solution. He tried all the above solutions and nothing has worked. But then he turned off the VoLTE feature from his phone. And BHIM UPI registration got successful.

To turn off the VOLTE feature, just go to the Settings –> Wireless and Communication –> SIM settings –> Turn off the VoLTE.

Many thanks to Mr. Mukherjee for this solution.

Solution 8 – Fully register the Mobile Number in the Bank. And not just for the SMS reception.

Some of the banks only register the mobile number. Just to receive the withdrawal notifications. In this case, one should need to link the mobile number with the Bank by going to Branch. After one is fully registering the mobile number with the account. One can now easily register for UPI. The UPI registration failed issue will be solved.

Solution 9 – Disable the Wi-Fi Connection.

Sometimes the UPI app needs to be run on the SIM card Internet. To verify the SIM details. If one is using a Wi-Fi connection, then try to turn off the Wi-Fi connection.

Solution 10 – Give the required permission to App.

When starting the app for the first time. The app asks one to allow the required permissions. If one has denied such permissions. Then one may get the UPI registration failed issue. To give the permissions back to App. Just uninstall the app and install it from the play store or app store.

One can also check if all the permissions are allowed to the BHIM app. By going to the settings–> Apps –> click on All apps and then select the BHIM App –> Select permissions. Here, one can enable all the permissions that are required by the app.

Solution 11 – Re-install the BHIM App

If none of the methods works, one can uninstall the app. To reinstall the app by downloading from the play store or App store.

Solution 12 – Disable the Wi-Fi Calling feature

A new feature is called Wi-Fi calling. It is recently been rolled out in India in some networks. As this feature is new and not fully rolled out. One might get the issue of sending and receiving the SMS while registering on the BHIM app.

To disable the Wi-Fi calling feature, go to the Settings –> Network and connections –> Wi-Fi Calling and then turn off this feature.

Restart the phone and then one can register on the BHIM App.

Solution 13 – Install BHIM App on using the Mobile Data

Solution for this problem:

One of our readers Mr. Rajesh has found this solution. Many thanks to him.

Even I was facing the same issue on my iPhone. The phone number verification was failing continuously. Finally, I could correct it. Tried below some simple steps for successful installation:

Uninstall the Bhim App is already installed.

Do soft Reset that is Hold Home Button + Power Button until the phone turns off and Apple Logo comes.

Ensure the Wi-Fi is off.

Download and also Install the App with Mobile Data

This time Mobile number verification is successfully completed.

Note: Ensure that one is able to send the SMS. I had some issues with iMessage. It was blocking me from sending the normal SMS also.

The Summary:

The error “UPI registration failed” in the BHIM UPI. It may occur due to various problems. From this post, one should already get the possible issues and solutions to fix this issue.

If one is still facing a UPI registration failed issue. Then one can write the questions and queries in the comment section below.

So, this is the important information on the topic of How to solve the BHIM App “UPI registration failed” issue. Here I have mentioned on the How to solve the issue of “UPI registration failed” in BHIM App and The Summary.

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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