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How to Get in Touch With Actress Minu Kurian


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Minu Kurian, an actress and model, is one of India’s most well-known female celebrities. Her parents were actresses and she was raised to be an actress.

She has received many awards for her work and has had a successful career.

She was awarded the Filmfare Best Actress Award and the National Film Awards Best Actress Award. In 2006, she was awarded the Best Actress Award at International Film Festival of Kerala.

Minu Kurian: Malayalam

Minu Kurian

Minu Kurian, besides being an actress, is also a social media guru. Minu Kurian is a Facebook user, with more than 1.3 million followers. She tweets lots of content.

She is also a prominent star in Malayalam film and Kollywood. According to certain sources,

she has a net worth between 40 and 50 lakhs.

Kama Pisasu and Nadakame Ulakam were some of her notable roles. She has also appeared at many seminars and functions. She has been a guest on many television shows.

In 2008, she made her Malayalam debut in De Ingottu Nokkiye, a film about De Ingottu Nokkiye. In the following years, she appeared in many movies, including the Tamil movie Pullukattu Muhamma.

Her most famous scene is Judgement Day where she did the famous one-piece. Chatrak, a Bengali movie that featured a full nude scene, was also her role.

She has also appeared in many other Malayalam films. She is the star of twenty Malayalam movies.

Minu Kurian: Early life

Minu Kurian, a south Indian actress, is well-known for her roles as a part of films such as Kama Pisasu (2015) and Pullukattu Muhamma (2013).

She has also acted in Tamil films and Malayalam movies. She is an accomplished singer and classical dancer.

She is also a social influencer. Hot scenes in movies have helped her make a name.

Minu Kurian was conceived in Kerala on May 15, 1989. She is the child of Malayali Christian parents. Dani Kurian is her younger brother.

She was raised in Thiruvala, Thiruvala, and attended schools in India. She graduated from SDM Institute for Management Development.

She is currently studying Bharatanatyam at Chidambaram.

Minu Muneer was a native of Ernakulam in Kerala, India. Since childhood, she has been dancing.

She was a participant in many school dance competitions. After graduating from university,

she began acting. She has appeared in films in many South Indian languages, including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Minu Kurian: Career

Minu Kurian, a talented actress best known for her roles in Malayalam films has received a lot attention in recent years.

She is also a social media celebrity. Her fans are eager for her to contact them.

These are the ways Minu Kurian can be reached

First, visit her official site. You will get a glimpse into her life and career. You can also contact her via social media or fan clubs. You can also call her. This might prove to be more difficult.

Minu is petite in height. Minu was born in Ernakulam (Kerala), India. She was raised in the same area as her siblings. She participated in many activities throughout her school years.

She is an avid sports enthusiast. She was a participant in numerous competitions, especially in dance.

Personal life

Minu Kurian, in addition to acting, is also an entrepreneur. Her net worth is approximately INR 40-50 million.

She has worked in South Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. Kama Pisasu, Pullukattu Muthamma have been some of her roles.

She is also a model, and a singer. Her hard work has won her many awards and honors. She has been a guest speaker at many seminars and functions.

She was born in Ernakulam (Kerala), India. She is the youngest of two siblings. Her father was a politician, and a great speaker. Her mother was a homemaker.

She was a winner in school drama and participated in many dancing competitions. Minu began dancing at an early age. She began learning Bharatnatyam in Chidambaram.

She has two children. Dhanya is her first son, while Daniel is her second. Minu is a fashion designer and actor. Her Facebook fan base is large. MRL Software Inc. is her company.

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