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How Technology Is Affecting the Human Brain


How Technology Is Affecting the Human Brain: Technology has changed the way we live, work, communicate and entertain. If you click a button, we can process, get information, learn new skills, and even find love. Our generation saw the toughest leaps in technological advancements, and this not only changed the way we perceived the world, but also changed the way our brain received and processed information. We do not seem to have fun with our smartphones, tablets and countless social platforms GreenDiary.com.

How Technology Is Affecting the Human Brain

Young people use their smartphones more than other age groups; More than 70% of voters control their devices every hour several times or more. Living in this digital age means we have to rely on devices in some way or another. However, many of us notice how technology affects our behavior, our relationships or our lives?

Perhaps we need to be more careful about how often we use technology because it has been discovered that we are changing our brains in five ways:

Shorter Attention Span a serious issue

Before the iPad, iPad, and other devices were watered, the average person took the attention for about 12 seconds. Now it is thought that it can focus on an average of only 8 seconds before moving on to something else. It’s hard to stay in debt with all the distractions we have these days. Something is always viral, there are new trends and the phone lights are always flashing to warn us of new messages. Like if you wanted to search about a flashlight and you type this to find your best with best police flashlight below in some search bar. You would not skip to the second page of search. This technical distraction affects our productivity and our ability to learn – all require a certain level of concentration. Continuous knowledge drinking also affects our creativity and our ability to be contemplative.

Memory Loss Problems

Research has shown that many millennia are more forgotten than the elderly – something that can be attributed to the continued use of technology. To remember something, we need to transfer this information from our working memory (conscious mind) to our long-term memory that is based on our attention. Like I happen to have met a patient with a similar problem. There is a level of stammering in their tone. He went to the store and could not remember kept mumbling about the thing he went to buy. So, its quite serious.

Helps improvement in Multi-Tasking

Many of us are proud of how we can do a few things at the same time. We say we can talk on the phone at the same time, watch YouTube videos and generate emails. While this seems absolutely impressive, research reminds us that it is not possible to carry out different activities based on the same process of brain processing. This only reduces brain productivity and makes it difficult to maintain information.

Addiction to Technology is quite alarming

I just admit it. You are guilty of stopping work to control your phone to play your phone for a few minutes to check your phone or to check Twitter chronology or Facebook broadcast when it rings the message. There is some satisfaction in seeing new notifications and messages; therefore, some of us control social media platforms many times every day, changing these pages up and down for hours. Worse, some people suffer from addiction to video or mobile games, require rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and professional support.

Human Interaction is lost in time

Have you ever been out with your friends and at some point, you noticed that you spent more time looking at the screens than talking to each other? Or have you noticed that during the train trip everyone was busy on the cell phone, was he disrespectful of the world? We have technology to thank for turning us into zombies.

Nowadays, we rely on emojis to express our feelings and to prefer online interactions with conversations. Worse for children and young people growing up in the digital age, most have not improved their speaking skills or learned to read social clues. As a result, most of them miss the main aspects of natural communication.

But thanks to technology, we constantly get new information, we have plenty of time to think and dedicate it to memory before something else draws our attention. This affects our memory and makes us forget mor