How much does Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam cost?: Currently, Lean Six Sigma certification course is one of those courses that candidates are willing to purse not just to learn and stay updated but also to seek higher opportunities in their career. Each year, so many students are getting enrolled in the program in different levels and mostly in the basic level of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to get a resume that is strong and can be chosen in the crowd of other candidates. Due to a high number of candidates getting enrolled, the number of institutes offering the training program has also increased over the time. 

How much does Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam cost?

It is very much important to get in touch with a proper institute in order to get the right training so that you do not have to regret while you are in front of an interview panel or you have joined a position in a reputable organization. To get into the right institute, it is very much important to know about the features that the right organization should have. Also, one of the basic questions that many of the candidates have in mind is about the cost of the certification course. Different institutes may charge different fees depending upon the facilities and amenities that they are offering. But, of course, there is an average fee that candidates should know about having this certification attached to the resume. One of the best things that one can do in this case is to get enrolled in Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with Knowledgehut to get proper training at a proper cost.  

They offer 24 hours of training where they train the candidates in principles and philosophy of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Candidates can be sure to get the best training because the institute is accredited and has a team of the best professionals and mentors to guide the candidates. 

The Curriculum

Six Sigma Green Belt is all about problem-solving and managing challenging in a position or in a team. The candidates are provided with the proper skills in learning how to deal with a situation in case of challenges and problem. It is said that today maximum of the organizations are looking forward to hiring candidates who are trained up in Six Sigma Green Belt for the reason that they know how to deal with situations and also that the success rate of solving such problems is higher in case of the trained professionals in comparison to those who are not trained. 

If you are getting trained in Six Sigma Green Belt from Knowledgehut, you will find the curriculum to be divided into six segments and these are Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Introduction to Define, Introduction to Measure, Introduction to Analyze, Introduction to Improve, and Introduction to Control and Project Closure. 

Under these segments, there are a number of chapters that the candidates need to cover that helps them in understanding each of the sections individually and carefully. 

How Green Belt is helpful?

You can come across a number of institutes and training centers offering the training program but there are reasons why candidates are choosing Knowledgehut to be one of the most preferable centers to get trained in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification course. There are also a number of reasons of getting the Green Belt certification course for your career. Some of the important reasons to surely get the Green Belt certification course are:

  • It helps you in your certification for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt,
  • It helps in letting you know how to increase profitability while you are an employee in an organization or you wish to start your own business,
  • The Green Belt course helps you in having a wise number of skills such as reducing cycle times, improving quality, and so on,
  • Candidates are able to solve problems through statistical means as well as quantitively,
  • Candidates also learn to evaluate which resources are useful and which are wasteful so that they can make use of the worthful ones,
  • The Green Belt course also teaches the candidates with the DMAIC process,
  • The candidates get trained in designing the Six Sigma projects and also implementing them,
  • Statistical methods can be applied in improving the situations of the business or the organization,
  • The basic principles and the philosophies are learned that can be hugely helpful in having a great career growth in future. 

The Certification

The certification in Six Sigma Green Belt can be attained from the best institute in order to get the best training so that you can get into the best firms and can have a great career goal ahead. When you have enrolled yourself for the certification course from Knowledgehut, you can be sure that you are in one of the best options. 

Candidates can enroll to a number of options such as classroom training or online options. The training course is also of great advantage for the professionals who are already into a professional firm and are not able to spare time for the classroom training. The e-learning option can be highly helpful for such individuals. They can choose their own timing so that they can get their training completed within the stipulated time that they have after completing their office timing. This helps them in managing their office life as well as the training in a proper way. 

The experts imparting professional training to the individuals are not just learned but also highly experienced in their relative fields. This helps the candidates in a huge way. These professionals not only impart the theoretical knowledge to the students but also share their real life professional experiences so that the candidates can learn new things and can visualize the challenges that they have to face in their career ahead. 

The certification course not only comes with learning but also with a lot of practical sessions that are helpful for the students in a huge way. These practical sessions help the students in learning the new ways to absorb the theoretical knowledge and can also help them in getting practiced so that they can perform well in their future. 

Coming up to the cost part, the certification cost depends on a number of things such as the time taken by the candidates to complete the training. Knowledgehut offers a certification cost of about USD90 to USD120 for 90 days and 180 days respectively. Apart from this, Knowledgehut also offer a number of discounts from time to time. There are also group discounts and hence it is always beneficial to get the training completed in groups. 

Altogether, it can be said that the certification course in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is not just beneficial for the students but also comes at a great price for the students. The worth of the certification course is continuously rising as it is offering benefits not only to the candidates who are getting training in the training program but also to the organizations who are hiring these candidates for their process. This is the reason, a large number of organizations today are looking forward to hiring candidates who are not just trained up in their skills but also are having Certification of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt attached to their resume.