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How Did Martha Karagianni Die? Know The Death Cause


What was the cause of death for Martha Karagianni? Greek Actress in a Film Passes Away at Age 83: According to reports, the iconic actress passed away recently. Martha Karagianni was a well-known Greek actress whose passing caused all of eternity to weep.

She was regarded as one of the best actors in Greek theatre and cinema. What happened to Martha, and what was the reason behind her passing away? We must handle a number of issues related to the announcement of Martha Karagianni’s passing.

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What was the cause of death for Martha Karagianni?

At the age of 82, renowned Greek actress Martha Karagianni passed away.

The source claims that she passed away on Sunday at 12:50 p.m. But what contributed to Martha Karagianni’s passing? According to reports, psychotherapist Dimitris Souras informed ALPHA that Martha was suffering from health problems as the venerable actress was about to retire.

She allegedly struggled with her health concerns for a long time and maintained a close relationship with the psychiatrist Dimitris Souras.

The actress reportedly had a psychiatrist with her when she underwent surgery to have the bile removed.

She had a sizable following because she was a well-known character in the Greek industry.

One of the most well-known actors from the heyday of classic Greek cinema was Martha Karagianni. She has accomplished a lot. The Greek actress most recently resided with Dora Douma.

Who was Martha Karagianni?

The renowned Greek actress is said to have been born in Athens, Greece, in 1939. According to reports, the actress’s parents were from Pontiac.

Her parents, Harilaos and Domna, raised her. Her father Harilaos was from Yekaterineda, while her mother Domna was from Baku.

Although Martha Karagianni was born in Athens, she spent her early years there. Read more about her as you go down the page.

There is some debate about Martha’s dancing ability. She reportedly began performing in Loukia Sakellaropoulou at the Lyric Stage when she was just 8 years old.

She had made her acting debut by the time she turned 17 years old. The Unknown, a Finos Films production, featured Martha Karagianni.

Oresti Laskou was in charge of The Unknown. She has worked in theatre in addition to film.

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