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How DA and PA Helps To Improve SEO Organic Growth


How DA and PA Helps To Improve SEO Organic Growth: There is no doubt that the internet has become a necessary part of our lives. Whether it is shopping, communicating with someone or simply going through a blog, it is all online. However, when you talk about legitimacy of the websites, there is a question mark on a lot of them. A high percentage of websites on the internet are scams. They operate for a small span of time and then suddenly the domain goes out of use. People do get attracted to websites but do not perform any check to confirm the legitimacy. In addition to that, a lot of people do not know that the legitimacy of a website can be checked through domain authority. SEO professionals around the globe get help from prepostseo.com to increase domain authority and page authority score of their website.

How DA and PA Helps To Improve SEO Organic Growth

How DA and PA Helps To Improve SEO Organic Growth

Domain Authority and Page Authority Metrics

DA and PA are strong metrics which determine the actual standing of a website. Every website that you browse would claim to be nothing less than the best. It is obvious that a website would not speak negatively about the products/services offered by the related brand.  This is where users need to use certain checks and confirm the actual standing of the website. SEO agencies can help you to grow your business, if you are looking for one, visit this site  https://billlentis.com/boston-seo.

Domain Authority and Page Authority determine the actual reliability of a website. Instead of believing the exaggerated content present on most websites, you should check the DA of the website to view the actual status. Well established websites that have been operating for a long time usually have a high domain authority score. It is not possible to get a high DA score instantly. A new website usually starts with a score of 20 to 33. However, reputed websites usually have scores of 70 or above. When you check the DA score, you would get a clear idea of whether the information presented about the website is factual or not.

Benefits of DA and PA checker

Consider that the home page of a website mentions that it has been running since 10 years. It is obviously an impressive piece of information only if it is truthful. In most cases, brands exaggerate a lot of information about their profile, products and other areas. Using the DA checker, you can determine DA score, website age and other important factors.

Determine the actual standing of the brand

There is no scarcity of illegitimate brands on the internet. If you are a smart customer, you would be able to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate websites. Consider that you have landed on a new online shopping website and you want to check the actual experience of the brand in terms of online selling. It is obvious that the brand would be selling online after the creation of the website and registration of the domain. By checking the domain authority, you would be able to find out the domain age. In other words, you would know about the actual experience of the brand.

Avoiding scams in the easiest manner

Scams can be very damaging particularly in financial terms.  Consider that you enter your financial details on an online shopping website and execute a transaction. After a few minutes, you figure out that your details have been misused. This happens when you do not get a confirmation about the website reliability. Most people get impressed with websites having attractive designs. Such designs are used by scam websites to get customer attention. This is where you can save yourself by performing a Domain Authority or Page Authority check.

When a website has a high DA or PA score, you can reach the conclusion that it is not new. In other words, websites with a high DA score have been operating for a long time span. Most websites involved in scams are new. On the other hand, websites which have been operating for a long span of time do not get involved in scams. Hence, you can be rest assured that if a website has a high DA score, it is legitimate.

Get connected with high ranked websites

Back linking is one of the best ways for a website to grow specially if it is new and does not carry a strong reputation. What are backlinks? New websites get connected to more established domains through backlinks. However, in this case, users have to be very careful. First of all, you cannot select any website randomly to construct a backlink. The reputation of the website is critical and you have to check it. How can you determine whether you are connecting with a high ranked website or not?

Connecting with a substandard website can take your reputation down instead of improving it. It is important to get a confirmation that you are establishing a backlink with a legitimate website which has a better reputation than yours. The best way to perform this check is determining the domain authority of the website. Websites with a high DA score hold a strong reputation so connecting with them would improve the reputation of your own domain.

These days, domain authority is a very strong metric to judge and rank a website. Domains that are ranked among the top five on the first page are well established websites with strong reputations. Other than that, they have immense experience in their related domains.


DA and PA are used to check the original standard of a website so that you do not get fooled. There are several websites of each product niche on the internet. For instance, if you are searching for websites selling leather jackets online, you would find several links. The problem is that most of them would not be trustworthy. Simply going through the content of the website would not provide you with a confirmation. There are more result oriented ways to determine the website standing. The best options are domain authority and page authority.

These two factors are strong parameters that provide complete information of how good or bad a website is. If the DA,PA & SEO score of a website is low, it is preferable to look at better options.

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