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How a Hoyer lift can reduce the risk of back injuries and lower the cost


Hoyer lift is often considered one of the most beautiful lifts. You can use it to move from one bed to another or vice versa.

Because they are make with comfort in mind, they’re safe to use by caregivers. A Hoyer lift can still be use with a bit of practice and training.

Hoyer lift Prices

A Hoyer lift can be expensive, but there are many ways to offset that cost. mobility issues These include state grants for Assistive Technology and insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

They are less stressful for caregivers and lower the risk of injury for patients.

The Hoyer lift is a U-shaped lift with an overhead bar and a platform. The Hoyer lift also features a sling that raises, lowers, and lowers patients in a chair or on a bed.

They can be operate either manually or electronically and are battery-power, depending on the model.

Manual Hoyer lifts are more expensive than electric and batteries-powered ones. These lifts can be more physically taxing for caregivers. It is brilliant for you to choose the most comfortable option for your loved one.


Caregivers who lift and reposition patients with limited mobility are at greater risk of injury to their backs when lifting or repositioning them. A Hoyer lift is a safer option to help loved ones.

Although Hoyer lifts are often use in hospitals, they can be purchase for your home. These lifts are affordable, which makes them more affordable for many people.

Medicare Part B may pay some or all the cost of a Hoyer lift if it is durable medical equipment (DME). However, you will need to get a prescription from your doctor to be cover.

Private insurance policies can vary, so verify your policy before purchasing a Hoyer lift.

There are two types of lifts manual or power. The power  lift is the most popular because it uses a hydraulic pump. This type of  lift is more expensive than the manual  lift but can offer caregivers a safer alternative.


A Hoyer lift, a mobile floor lift, is use  to safely transport patients from their bed to the toilet, wheelchair, bathtub, or shower.

These lifts can be power by either an electric or hydraulic motor. Others can be charge using a rechargeable battery. These lifts are easier for caregivers and safer for the individual being lift.

A Hoyer lift can be fitt with an adjustable base, which allows the legs to move apart and makes it easier to transfer. To accommodate larger patients, the floor can be extend.

Private insurance policies can vary, and Medicare may cover part or all of the cost.


Like all durable medical equipment, lifts require regular maintenance. You can take care of your Hoyer  by checking its battery performance and lubricating the pivot joints.

SBS has the resources and experience to ensure your Hoyer is in top shape. This will also reduce the chance of expensive equipment failures.

The annual maintenance program we offer can ensure that your Hoyer lift runs smoothly. We can even design a customized maintenance program for you.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a customized solution for your lift maintenance needs. It will be a great decision.

We will give you a quote for free and show you how to save time, money, and effort while maintaining your Hoyer lift in top working order.

Our services will save you time and money in the long term. It is also an excellent way to show your concern for the safety of your patients.

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