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Horned Wreath – Method To Finish Essence Of Vanity


How To Finish The Essence Of Vanity In Destiny 2’s Horned Wreath

Horned wreath : So you’ve started Shadowkeep, you’ve started finding out what the Hive is up to on the moon (haunting it), you’ve killed some nightmares, and now you’ve run out of essence.

This is a key aspect of the Shadowkeep campaign, where you end up with a large amount of sin-themed essence that you must purify in order to obtain some nice gear:

it’s a good thing there was so much sweet treasure in that essence! A lot of it is simple, but one of them will be difficult to complete on your own: the essence of vanity.

This one requires you to locate the Horned Wreath, and the Horned Wreath is a pain to locate. Continue reading to learn more about the site.

You’ll need to go to the Hellmouth to find the Horned Wreath, so proceed north from the Anchor of Light and dive in.

You’ll need to journey a long way deeper into the Hellmouth at this point: you’re aiming for the Chamber of Night, which is quite deep.

So far as the Gatehouse, the Circle of Bones, and the World’s Grave are concerned, as well as the majority of the Chamber of Night.

It’s more or less a straight path, even though it’s not a straight line:

you’re on a similar path to what you’ve taken in strikes and missions over the years, but it’s a very lengthy one.

Ninja Pups has a video that shows the whole thing: It’s not difficult, but here’s what you should do if you get lost:

You’ll come to an open section at the very end of the Chamber of Night that’s a little bluer than the areas before it.

There’s a little cave to the left, and there was a vicious “unstoppable ogre” lurking there in my game, which I was terribly underleveled for. This appears to be the case.

The Horned Wreath may be found in that cave on top of a rock; enter it and pick it up with the command “weapon part.”

Then hightail it to orbit, because that’ll save you a lot of time compared to backtracking through this shambles.

You’re one step closer to purifying this essence, so congratulation.

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