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Top 10 High Paying Technology Degrees In 2021


You Can Get 10 High-Paying Tech Degrees Online

Technology Degrees

Technology degrees : Technology is, without a doubt, the fastest-growing field right now.

Each innovation in the industry results in the creation of new employment, and it can be difficult to determine where to begin with a tech profession, as well as time-consuming to earn a degree.

Fortunately, there are online programmes that can assist you in navigating your career path and earning a good pay.

Based on data from Glassdoor, here are 10 high-paying tech degrees you can obtain online, along with the average salary for each.

Web design and development

You will learn how to create websites and web applications using a number of programming languages and web technologies in this curriculum.

You’ll learn how to manage site functionality, integrate application features, and implement security measures.

Because almost every organisation has an internet presence, these abilities are vital.

$75,487 is the average salary.

Design for the Web

Unlike a developer, this software is more concerned with the appearance, layout, and features of a website than with the programming.

Both the technical aspect of websites as well as graphic design and creative processing are covered in the courses.

$53,877 is the average salary.

Technology for Computer Networking

Within an enterprise, computer networking specialists install, check, secure, and troubleshoot networked systems.

You will provide security advice and monitor for internal and external risks if you have a degree in computer networking technology.

This curriculum focuses on building skills in the installation, configuration, maintenance, and repair of critical commercial computer networks.

$82,050 is the average salary.

Development of software

The software development programme focuses on courses that cover the design, development, and testing of computer software and applications.

Directing and participating in programming activities, monitoring and evaluating system performance, and creating and implementing new programmes and features are some of the key jobs and responsibilities of software engineers.

This curriculum offers training in areas including as programming languages, operating systems, and security, as well as online software development tools that can help you learn how to design complete applications.

$80,018 is the average salary.


Companies require solutions to protect their secure information and data in light of the numerous data breaches that have occurred in recent years.

By safeguarding digital data and information systems, this curriculum teaches you how to identify potential security issues and defend systems against harmful attacks.

As a cybersecurity employee, you can be responsible for providing technical help, monitoring security access, and applying anti-malware software.

$93,638 is the average salary.

Database Administration

Every company now collects data in some form or another, which is why skilled people who can develop, deploy, and optimise data collection systems are in high demand.

This degree includes classes on upgrading hardware and software as well as safeguarding databases through the development of rules and procedures.

$80,683 is the average salary.

Designer of video games

For many people, this degree may sound like a pipe dream, but it is the genuine deal.

By 2020, the worldwide video game market is anticipated to be worth more than $90 billion.

3 As a result, it’s a fascinating field to explore. Game conceptualization, play mechanics, storyboarding, scripting, modelling, animation, programming, and prototyping are among the topics covered in class.

Characters, levels, riddles, art, and animation are all responsibilities of game designers.

Some gamers utilise computer programming languages to build their games, therefore courses may incorporate coding.

$73,182 is the average salary.

Systems of Information

A degree in information systems is required to work as an IT manager.

You will work on the technical side of all things computer programmes in this curriculum, and you will most likely oversee a team.

They are in charge of running a company’s computer systems, apps, software, and programmes.

System analysis and design, electronic commerce, and database principles and support are among the topics covered.

$75,469 is the average salary.

Infrastructure for Information Technology

If you want to work with this degree, get in the habit of saying, “Did you try turning it off and on again?”

The hardware and software components of their employer’s IT network are built and maintained by IT infrastructure engineers.

When there is a bug, these engineers work on the routers, servers, computer hardware, and systems that need to be addressed.

$106,408 is the average salary.

Architecture of Systems

This degree, like that of a building architect, forms the foundation of the entire computer operating system.

Many of the course concentrations are centred on diagrams and designs.

System architects are in charge of creating and implementing short and long-term strategic goals for managing and maintaining systems and software, as well as providing support for IT initiatives.

$105,161 is the average salary.

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