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Hawkmoon God Roll : ‘Destiny 2’ The Best Random Rolls For Hawkmoon


Hawkmoon God Roll : Bungie eventually launched a new quest to farm Hawkmoon random rolls, which can be completed once per character for two drops every week, with the first drop providing the catalyst, which may be the finest part.

The Hawkmoon God Rolls You Should Be Farming In The Quest

Hawkmoon God RollThe quest was kept a secret, and while it resembled Zero Hour in terms of how it was disguised and how difficult it was, it wasn’t quite there. Nonetheless, I had a good time.

Hawkmoon offers a unique opportunity to seek for grips, barrels, and bonuses for the exotic pistol, and many players aren’t sure what they should be looking for or what the gun’s “God Roll” is.

Because Hawkmoon is primarily a PvP weapon, the items you seek are usually geared toward that side of the game, and here’s what appears to be the popular consensus.


Rangefinder — This is by far the most frequently mentioned benefit for Hawkmoon, as it greatly expands its range and improves the zoom.

When you add in the catalyst, which increases range (as well as handling and reload speed) on paracausal stacks, it could be your best option.

Killing Wind – A relatively new perk, Killing Wind provides increased mobility, handling, and range on kills, and as you can see, this stacks two of those perks with the catalyst to provide even more benefits.

After Rangefinder, this is probably a fine second choice, but you’ll have to kill an adversary first to use it.

Quickdraw — In PvP, this is a great perk if you’re the type of guy who always has a Felwinter on hand (like the majority of the PvP crowd) so you can shift to it quickly for a shootout.

Eye of the Storm — An underappreciated PvP perk that can help you win gunfights by increasing your accuracy as your health drops. At the very least, give it a try.

Surplus – This stacks with the catalyst and gives you increased handling, reload speed, and stability with full abilities.

However, it requires you to keep most of your skills in order for it to operate.

Moving Target — This is a controller-only perk that may be beneficial to gamers, but not as much on PC with mouse and keyboard.

Opening Shot – Okay, some are claiming this is an oversight, so I went ahead and added it.

I suppose it has an added value here because you can acquire a virtually “free” stack of Paracausal with a headshot.

Finally, to be honest, it’s quite difficult to go wrong. RIP if you acquire hipfire grip, for the most part.


Hammer-Forged Rifling — This barrel provides you a range boost with no drawbacks, and it works well with Rangefinder to give you a long range on the gun.

Fluted Barrel — Although Hawkmoon’s handling is already excellent, I like this for a variety of hand cannons. Not a horrible performance.

Smallbore – Moderate range and stability gains with no drawbacks.

Corkscrew Rifling — Handling, stability, and range are all advantages of this type of rifling.


Polymer Grip — Improves handling.

Smooth Grip – Improves handling and stability by a small amount.

Combat Grip — While this is mostly a matter of personal opinion, some individuals enjoy the way it alters recoil control. Others, however, do not.

In short, getting a very poor roll on Hawkmoon is probably more difficult than getting a reasonable or amazing roll, so good luck. I’ll see you on the road.

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