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Alwx Browne Marcella: The Soldier and Production Assistant Behind Marcella’s Tribute


Marcella is an ITV crime drama series featuring Anna Friel as an unsettling detective who goes undercover to infiltrate a criminal family in Belfast. The third season debuted January 26, 2021 and has received praise from both critics and viewers for its compelling plot and performances.

Some viewers may have been moved by an emotional gesture during the second episode of Season 4. A black card appeared just prior to rolling credits and read: “In loving memory of Alex Browne”.

Who was Alex Browne?

Alex Browne was a young Northern Irelander who worked at a production company responsible for Marcella as well as several other shows that film in Northern Ireland such as Line of Duty and Game of Thrones. Additionally, he served with the Royal Irish Regiment from 2000 to 2006.

Browne took his own life on July 12, 2020 and left behind family and friends who remembered him fondly as being professional and dedicated to both community and country, providing invaluable contributions in both areas. Additionally, he served as an excellent role model to younger troops while possessing knowledge that was mutually respected with each person he encountered.

Why did ITV honor him?

Alex Browne was honored as part of Marcella team’s act of respect and gratitude, in recognition of both his life and work on the show. Browne’s sister Gemma confirmed this when an inquisitive user inquired who he was; Gemma replied “He’s my older brother sadly passed away in July 2020 he worked with production company that produced Marcella (and other shows filmed in Northern Ireland) they wanted to pay tribute.”

This tribute raised awareness about veteran mental health and suicide, an acute issue which affects many who have served their nation in military services. According to Combat Stress, a charity dedicated to aiding veterans suffering mental health difficulties, over 6,000 veterans sought assistance for assistance during 2019/20 from them, with 10% having thoughts of self-harm or suicidality.

How Can I Watch Marcella?

Marcella season three includes eight episodes that air each Tuesday at 9pm on ITV; or you can stream them right now through ITV Hub!

Netflix also provides access to the first two seasons of Marcella, providing viewers an opportunity to learn about Marcella Backland and her dark past.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: What Is Marcella About?

A: Marcella is a crime drama series that follows former detective Marcella Backland as she returns to work after her husband leaves her and their children behind, with various cases that test her abilities and mental stability.

Q: Who plays Marcella?

A: Marcella is played by award-winning actress Anna Friel. She has appeared in multiple movies and television series such as Pushing Daisies, Limitless, The Girlfriend Experience and Deep Water.

Q: Where was Marcella shot?

A: Marcella has been shot in various locations around Northern Ireland, such as Belfast, Carrickfergus, Portrush, Antrim Coast Road, Cushendun Caves, Glenarm Castle Estate, Ballycastle Harbour and Carnlough Harbour.

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