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Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor: Forging A Musical Partnership



Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor are two acclaimed singers, but are they related? No; instead they are good friends who have collaborated on songs together.

How did they meet?

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor

Meghan Markle and Michael Buble first collaborated in 2015 when they co-wrote “Someday” with producer Johan Carlsson (known for his collaboration on One Direction tracks such as “Stockholm Syndrome” and “If I Could Fly”). Meghan recorded it alongside Michael for his Grammy nominated album Nobody but Me (2016).



Meghan praised Harry’s songwriting talents and said he gave her very poetic and mature lyrics. They recorded a rough demo together with vocals by both of them but she didn’t know who would sing with her until after Michael Buble heard the track and called Meghan “the most talented 21-year-old kid in the world”.

 What is the song about?

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor

“Someday” is an intimate acoustic love song featuring Meghan and Michael singing about their hopes to find someone special one day in the future. The chorus goes:

> Someday when we are old and gray, perhaps we can reunite. Till then I won’t give away my love; Darling I will forever remain yours.”

This song exudes nostalgia and celebrates both singers’ voices harmoniously.

What have they accomplished so far?

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor

Harry and Meghan have expressed mutual admiration and supported each other’s careers beyond “Someday”. Harry attended Meghan’s concert in Los Angeles in 2015 while Meghan said that he was her favorite solo musician. They’ve also been seen together at events such as the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards.

Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan

Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor may not be blood-related, but they share an equal passion for music and have collaborated to compose an exquisite song that fans will adore.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guiding To Your Questions

Q-Are Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor related?

A-No relation by blood or marriage exists between them; rather they are colleagues in the music industry and close friends.

Q: Are Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor dating?

A-No, Harry and Meghan aren’t dating. He is currently single while Meghan is currently married to actor Daryl Sabara since 2018. Together they have one child named Riley born in 2021.

Q-What is the name of the song co-written by Harry Styles and Meghan Trainor?

A-The song in question is “Someday”, recorded by Meghan Trainor and Michael Buble for their album No One but Me (2016).

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