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Who is Gormint Aunty and Why she is Famous all around


Who is Gormint Aunty and Why she is Famous all around: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the topic of Who is Gormint Aunty and Why she is Famous all around.

Who is a Gormint Aunty?

Gormint Aunty

Based on social media, many must be aware of the Gormint aunty, who went viral because of her famous lines yeh ‘bik gayi hai gormint’ rant. Basically, she is originally from Pakistan, the aunty dominated social media for her frustrated, abusive anti-innovative interview with a news reporter. The video shows in India after many of the people have used her slogan in the memes and jokes. She was the biggest thing that happened on the internet in the year 2016.

Gormint Aunty’s video is uploaded on social media like Facebook which claims to have taken down the woman and she does not disappoint. In the video, aunty is not wearing her trademark glasses which makes her hard to find her but her familiar voice and dialogues are hard to miss.

Gormint Aunty Famous Meme  – bik gayi hai gormint

Gormint Aunty

In her usual improper style, the woman remembers how she is saying the word ‘oye’ which was found to be a bad word while growing up. When asked why her language is loaded with such phrases now, she says ‘jaisa des, waisa bhes meaning to say you adapt to your surroundings. Going on to warn the person, who is interviewing her to not argue with her.

In many of the videos showed last year, a woman from Karachi, Pakistan was seen talking directly on the face against the government. In her argument, she told a list of rude words and claimed that the ‘gormit’ word has been sold in the dialogue Yeh bik gayi hai gormint. Now, this video has popular on social media, and it has taken no time for making memes to do the rounds on different social media platforms.

The T-shirts written with the hashtag, #YehBikGayiHaiGormint, have become more famous all over. Not only it has come up with a planned joke. This format has also reached the United States where remembering many protestors at a rally opposing ex-President Donald Trump’s government’s ban on the Muslim wanderer. The garment aunty has talked to reached there too. From very bad to downright are some of her popular ones.

Some of the Professions or different places this Gormint Aunty’s appearance seems to make a different Memes out of her. She is simple but more famous in different places in India and also outside. She is giving bold allegations against the government. People are familiar with these situations where more public servants are refusing to do their works properly and happy in giving many people the runaround.

ye bik gayi hai gormint | Gormint Aunty Memes

Gormint Aunty

Ye bik gayi hai gormint’ is just a highly useful and suitable phrase. It is applied to so many various situations too.

Now, most famous for this bad and choice of obscure words on the politician like Shashi Tharoor has become a meme’s character delight.

Like a lot of other complete unknowns peoples in the world, she shot to give purely because of the internet. Because she said something that caught people’s interest and that was Gormit Aunty. It was the thoughts that she expressed, her fearlessness, the words she used and her completely authentic look will make this aunty of an uncertain age from Pakistan and became a sensation.

The point is that the huge and instant appeal of aunty and her looks is just seemed to have a universal appeal. Apparently, many people on both sides of the border have a similarly matched view of the government officials and the deep corruption system of the government.

So, these are on the topic of Gormint Aunty, the current sensational lady with her simple attire and looks and who it belongs to a Pakistan. She is Social Media’s popular queen for bad phrases like Ye bik gayi.

Many of the memes like on the politicians and professional places are also popular. She is not only famous in India but also outside many countries. She raised her voice and making arguments with the government. This will be an amazing latest on the memes. Please go through this article and enjoy reading it.

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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