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Google Duplex AI Stokes Heats The Debate For Its ‘Human Voice’


Google Duplex AI Stokes Heats The Debate For Its ‘Human Voice’: At the I/O 2018, Google is demonstrating a new Artificial Intelligence-based feature is called Duplex, which is necessary to capable of making phone calls while pretending to a human.

Google Duplex AI Stokes Heats The Debate For Its ‘Human Voice’


At the event, Google demonstrating Duplex’s call to a hair salon receptionist, mimicking the umms and hmms pauses of human speech.

In another demo, it is chatting with a restaurant employee to book a table.

The first reaction to the feature was positive regarding what AI is now capable.

But as people and experts continue to spend more time and thought on the technology, a debate on the downside of the technology has stoked.

Many technology critics argue that the similarity of Duplex’s voice to a human, and the fact that another person cannot tell it from a robot’s is a concern.

Robotic voices should always sound synthetic rather than human, Stewart Brand is an author who advocates for long-term thinking and responsibility in the face of advancing technology, and other trends tell Bloomberg.

Successful spoofing of any kind destroys the trust.

Google did say that it plans to prompt a warning before each call is making by Duplex.

Google is still unsure how to unleash the technology into the market.

The company is also mulling how a human did it wants to make a Duplex sound. This entire debate is more extensive than what we see on the surface right now.

As Google is working towards eerily human-like assistant, which undeniably interesting at least aesthetically, the company has to be very careful of any mishap or consumers can lose trust in their services.

Having says that Scott Huffman, an executive on Google’s Assistant team, put forth the company’s perspective that if Duplex is giving a clear synthetic voice, it will creep people out and hang up.

On the other hand, another company employee says that the company is not trying to make the assistant pretend to be human in the first place.

There is a thin line between Google’s aim of making its assistant like a human and not deceiving real humans with software like Duplex.

Google consciously decided against giving the assistant a real human background.

When it is asking how old it is, or where it was born, it either avoids the question or says things like I was born in a meeting.

So, these are the points to describe the Google Duplex AI stokes heats the debate for its ‘human voice.’

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