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Gina Coladangelo: The Woman at the Centre of Matt Hancock’s Scandal



Gina Coladangelo is a British businesswoman, lobbyist, and a former non-executive director at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

She made headlines in June 2021 when she was caught on camera kissing and embracing Matt Hancock, the then Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, at a time when social distancing restrictions were in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom.

The scandal led to Hancock’s resignation as Health Secretary and sparked a public outcry over his conduct and appointment of Coladangelo.

Early life and education

– Coladangelo was born in Hitchin Maternity Hospital, Hertfordshire.

– Her father, Rino C. Coladangelo, is a businessman. Her mother is Heather Burtt.

– Her father came to the UK when he was aged 5, to Bedfordshire.

– She studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Oxford University from 1995 to 1998, and obtained a Master’s degree from Oriel College.

– She worked as a newsreader at the student radio station, Oxygen 107.9 FM, where Matt Hancock was a sports reporter.

– She remained close friends with Hancock after completing her studies in 1998, the same year as Hancock.

Career and controversy

– Coladangelo worked as a senior account manager in the campaigns division at Munro and Forster Communications before moving to the public relations and lobbying firm Luther Pendragon in 2002 .

– She was promoted to partner in April 2005 and led a management buyout of the firm in December 2005 with the help of a £2,000,000 investment from Octopus Asset Management, a private equity firm. She became a director and shareholder of Luther Pendragon .

– She ceased to be employed by Luther Pendragon in 2014 and resigned as a director in 2017, though as of 2021 remains a shareholder.

– As of late June 2021, she had been the marketing and communications director since 2014 at the Oliver Bonas retail chain, which was founded by her husband Oliver Tress.

– In June 2019 she received a parliamentary pass as a member of Hancock’s staff.

– In March 2020 she was given a part-time role as a non-executive director at the DHSC. She was paid £15,000, equivalent to £1,000 a day, for her directorship on a six-month contract, although there was no public record of the appointment. As an aide to Hancock, she accompanied him to confidential meetings with civil servants .

In June 2021, it was reported that she resigned after her affair with Hancock was exposed by The Sun newspaper. The images of Coladangelo and Hancock kissing and embracing were captured by a CCTV camera inside Hancock’s office on May 6.

Personal life

– Coladangelo is married to Oliver Tress, the founder of Oliver Bonas. They have three children together.

– Her brother, Roberto Coladangelo, is a director of Partnering Health Limited (PHL), which won a £28m NHS contract.

– Her great uncle is Bob Wilson, a former Arsenal goalkeeper and television presenter.

– She is currently in a relationship with Matt Hancock. They were spotted together on holiday in Switzerland in August 2021.

FAQs: The Ultimate Guide To your Questions

Q: How old is Gina Coladangelo?

A: Gina Coladangelo is 43 years old as of 2021.

Q: How did Gina Coladangelo meet Matt Hancock?

A: Gina Coladangelo met Matt Hancock at Oxford University where they both studied PPE and worked at the student radio station.

Q: What is Gina Coladangelo’s net worth?

A: Gina Coladangelo’s net worth is not publicly known. However, she is a shareholder of Luther Pendragon, which has an estimated turnover of £4 million per year. She also works as the marketing and communications director of Oliver Bonas, which has an annual revenue of £75 million.

Q: What is Gina Coladangelo’s role at the DHSC?

A: Gina Coladangelo was appointed as a non-executive director at the DHSC in March 2020 by Matt Hancock. She was paid £15,000 for her part-time role on a six-month contract. She resigned from her position in June 2021 after her affair with Hancock was revealed.

Q: Is Gina Coladangelo still married to Oliver Tress?

A: Gina Coladangelo and Oliver Tress are reportedly separated but not divorced. They have three children together.

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