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Furnace Repair Warning Signs You Cannot Afford To Ignore


Furnace Repair Warning Signs You Cannot Afford To Ignore: You will know that your home environment is healthy and comfortable if you have a reliable heating system. Homeowners need to be aware of the importance of regular maintenance. Keeping your furnace in top condition ensures an efficient system. Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, your furnace will eventually break down. It is important that you pay attention to warning signs to prevent costly repairs. The sooner you get your furnace repaired, the lesser the cost of the service. Your furnace needs repair if it is showing the following signs:

Furnace Repair Warning Signs You Cannot Afford To Ignore


  1. Aging Furnace

A heating system can last up to 20 years depending on the frequency of usage and maintenance. If you have an aging furnace system, expect it to break down any time. Repair might no longer be an option if your furnace system keeps on failing. Replacement is the only way to address the problem. Consider replacing the furnace if the repair cost is 50% more than buying a new furnace. 

  1. Gas Leak

Another indicator that your furnace system needs extra attention is when you have gas leaks. Gas smells tell you one thing: your furnace is no longer working properly. An HVAC professional might need to repair your furnace if necessary. 

  1. Dry or Dusty House

If there is an increase in dry air or dust, it means that your furnace is not functioning properly. When dust accumulates inside your home, you will experience various health problems including allergies and asthma. You will need to call an expert to check your furnace. 

  1. Strange Noises

One of the obvious signs that your furnace needs repair is when it is making strange noises. if you hear any popping, humming, screeching or banging, it means that you need to replace your unit or its parts. If you hear any rattling sound, it means that your ductwork is unsecured. There can also be some loose sheets of metal or screws that are causing this sound. Rattling may also indicate a lower motor which needs to be balanced correctly. 

The popping sound that your furnace system produces is a sign that your furnace is responding to the changes in temperature within your system. Humming on the other hand indicates a failing fan motor which needs to be replaced immediately. Finally, the screeching or squealing is a red flag as it is a sign of an issue with your inducer motor or blower motor. The problem might have to do with deteriorating belt or loose bearing. 

  1. High Electric Bill

If your heating bills have suddenly increased despite steady energy consumption, it can be a sign that your heating system is not operating efficiently. As your heaters age, their effectiveness also diminishes. A heating system with decreased efficiency needs to run longer so you get the same amount of heat. Longer operation can cause your electric bills to increase. You will need a furnace repair Dallas professional to assist you in repairing your heater.

  1. Failing Thermostat

Another sign that you should not ignore is a failing thermostat. Even if you try to turn up the heat, the changes do not seem to make any difference. Whether the problem has to do with a malfunctioning thermostat or an electrical issue, you need to deal with the problem as soon as possible. An HVAC technician will repair a broken thermostat so you can use your system.

  1. Yellow Flame

An efficient furnace system distributes a blue flame. If the flame changes to yellow, it is considered as a warning sign. Your system might be leaking carbon monoxide which may pose a danger to people who inhale it. You will need an expert to check your unit. An HVAC professional will inspect your unit to find out if there is any damage or danger that you have to repair to address the problem.

In repairing your furnace, you need to hire a qualified and licensed technician so you can resolve the problem. Routine maintenance can keep your furnace efficient. Not only will you lengthen its life but also spare yourself the headache of paying for costly repairs. Your furnace needs to be in great working condition before winter to avoid unnecessary repair. Call an HVAC professional so your furnace gets the attention it needs so it continues to work efficiently.

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