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Funky Town Gore : People Thoughts On Funky Town Girls


Funky town Gore is the classic promo video with the Musikladen Go-Go Girls dancing along with Debbie Jenner.

Today I will tell you everything about funky town and funky girls and I will also share the reaction of people.

Let’s dive in article!

After seeing funky town gore, I literally started to touch my face and think about how grateful I am to not feel that kind of pain. I even threw up after watching it.

I swear kids and even adults need to realize that this world is so sick and messed up but they can’t see the tip of the iceberg because they haven’t seen how bad funky town gore is

What People Think about Funky town Gore

funky town gore

The crazy part is that I watched the funky town gore video and to tell you that theres worse is just messed up.

They do this to women and children too just to scare the poor citizens so sad. Unbelievable the level of evil is beyond comprehending.

Its not only for drugs but drugs are one the main reasons along with organ harvesting ,human trafficking ext.

Actually saw a lot of gore in real life in Iraq after the 2003 war
Beheadings and dead people with drilled head and straight up killings
I remember my first time seeing a dead body when I was 8 when there was a fight between the US soldiers and the free fighters in front of our house 3am in the morning there was dead bodies everywhere.

Youtubers reaction on funky town girls

youtubers reaction on funky town gore

This is the famous youtuber Cinestalker. He uploads a video on his youtube channel about funky town and funky town girls.

You can go his channel and watch this complete video about funky girls.

I had never heard this video referred to as ‘Funky Town’. My friends and I always referred to it as the No Face video. This is one of the worst I’ve seen.

Some of the Brazilian prison videos are close, but No Face is one of the worst. It’s interesting how you explained your experience with gore videos because I’m the exact same way.

I usually go down a rabbit hole one or twice a year. I almost instantly regret it. I refuse to watch the Snuff R73 video. Too much insanity out there.

I made the foolish mistake of watching Funkytown, too. It has altered my perspective on life.

One of my subscriber opinion on funky town girls

It’s seriously that bad. I honestly find it kind of therapeutic hearing other people’s take on it (the reason I’ve been searching for these commentary videos, and the reason I found yours): it’s helping me to process what I saw.

But especially your video, since you are so honest and genuine about your experience with it, and with gore videos in general.

Like you, I also got into watching gore videos as a 12 to 13-year-old kid…which was DEFINITELY too young! Lol. (I’m 32 now)

What I found most therapeutic about your video though was when you validated my own feelings about watching this stuff:

that you do end up feeling shaken and kind of depressed for a while afterwards. Even if you put up a front of finding it funny or “cool”, deep down you know it has affected you negatively in some way.

And I find real relief in hearing you acknowledge that. Sooo glad I found your video, bro! You’re clearly a really cool guy! 👍🏼I will have to check out more of your channel for sure!

And to anyone who’s feeling foolhardy and is eager to watch Funkytown, please please PLEASE heed the warning!! Don’t. Just trust me. Don’t! It’s not a game.

Final Thoughts on Funky town gore

There is nothing fun or interesting to see in it. And you have nothing to prove to anybody.

It will not enrich your life in any way or give you bragging rights for “bravery” to watch this. Seriously! Just don’t.

There is absolutely NO reason to watch it. And I know, the foolishness of mankind (and especially of youth) will only want to watch it more, the more they are cautioned not to, but please try to consider that there is a reason, a VALID REASON why…at least this one time…you ought to listen to the warning.

Funky town gore song

People also searching funky town gore song and about its lyrics.

Here are its lyrics:

Funky town my gore, yeah that’s how I like it
With the cartel and we stabbing through your eyelids
Looking everywhere but you know we finna find him
He betrayed us we was just tryna supply him

Thinking of a way, yeah I got many plans
When we find that f*ck boy we gone cut off his hands
We still selling crack, just made a couple grands
Shipping all through Mexico this is the heartland
Did us dirty we taking you to the plaza
Smoking the churros filled up with zaza
F*ck the police, can’t f*ck with the drama
We done with you so we go for your mama
Up in the trap packing cuerno de chivos
Up in my face like damn what you need hoe?
Fucking with Xixal, yeah he got a mean flow
Eating her ass and it tasting like Cheeto

Funky town my gore, yeah that’s how I like it
With the cartel and we stabbing through your eyelids
Looking everywhere but you know we finna find him
He betrayed us we was just tryna supply him

Just got off the phone with the encomienda
Got a thick white bitch and her names Linda
Beggar’s can’t be choosy, don’t shoot the senda
Got our next drop now what’s the agenda?
Smoking the A-bomb, i feel like im in space
Torture that man but dont leave a trace
Doing it hard, no coup de grace
He still alive but we took off his face
He still alive but we took off his face.

Funky town my gore, yeah thats how I like it
With the cartel and we stabbing through your eyelids
Looking everywhere but you know we finna find him
He betrayed us we was just tryna supply him

Lyrics Credit: lyrics.com

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