Home News Frank James, the Brooklyn Subway Shooter, is in Court to Pled Guilty

Frank James, the Brooklyn Subway Shooter, is in Court to Pled Guilty


Frank James accused of killing eleven victims in New Zealand’s terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001 has appeared in court to plead guilty.

His lawyers are hoping he will do so. According to his lawyers, he qualifies as a “public security exception” under his Miranda rights. This means his statements are admissible in court to prove his innocence or guilt.

Frank james Shooter pleads guilty 11 charges of committing terrorist attacks

If the man accused of shooting 10 subway riders in Brooklyn last year is found guilty of a terrorism charge, his sentence will likely be life in prison.

New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, is composed of NYPD detectives.

According to prosecutors, James was planning the attack for years. He started buying materials for the assault months before the attack.

On social media, he also uploaded videos of himself screaming against racism and posttraumatic stress disorder.

To prepare for the attack, the attacker did a “trial drive” on N Train.

James is accused of setting smoke grenades off and aiming his gun at the train’s center mass. This allowed him to shoot more easily. Certain passengers were injured from the bullets.

Lawyers for Frank James Shooter would like him to plead guilty

Frank James could be sentenced to life if he is found guilty of killing ten passengers on the N train from Brooklyn on April 12.

According to prosecutors, his alleged motive for the shooting was a desire to kill. They said he was a man who suffered from mental illness.

James is facing 10 charges of terroristic acts. There’s also a charge of firing a weapon in the commission of a violent crime.

This charge carries a maximum of 39 years in prison, but the prosecutors want the court to give James a longer term than the guidelines would recommend.

Frank James shooter has left behind an gun

Authorities announced that a man called police to report a shooting spree on Brooklyn’s subway. He was eventually arrested following a long manhunt.

Police believe the suspect, Frank R. James, was behind one of the most violent attacks on the New York City subway system.

The gunman fired 33 shots from his semi-automatic pistol, investigators said. He then fled the scene in a U-Haul van, authorities said.

During the manhunt police discovered items connected to the shooting.

Investigators claim that James attempted to alter the serial number of his pistol according to a federal lawsuit.

Investigators also said he left behind a bank card with his name on it. They found 9mm ammunition and a high-capacity rifle magazine.

Frank James Shooter calls for the destruction of all humanity

James, who was sentenced to discharge a firearm in a crime against violence, made a series of videos about various topics.

The pair questioned the mental health of the city and their plans to fight gun violence. Adams’ plans for making the subway more safe was also condemned by Adams.

After he was arrested, James was taken to a federal detention center. James is currently being held without bail. On February 27, a trial is set to start.

James’ YouTube videos were filled with ramblings about many topics including racism and the U.S. treatment of Black people. He even mentioned the “matrix” and the Ukrainian war.

Frank james shooter’s interrogation statements are admissible in court due to a “public safety exception” to Miranda rights

Frank James faces trial on charges of killing 29 straphangers from a New York metro station. It is scheduled for 2023. He could face life in prison if convicted.

During his arrest, he repeatedly requested the presence of an attorney.

However, the court will not hear that request. Instead, the government will offer four minutes of preMiranda interrogation evidence.

A key question is whether the court should consider such evidence in addition to the defendant’s actual confession. How does this evidence compare to statements made during interrogation custodial?

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