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Fortbyte 98 – How to Find It in Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortbyte 98: Getting a hold of a Fortbyte 98 isn’t difficult, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. There are several different ways to locate it, and it is possible to unlock it as well.\

Fortbyte 98: Location

During Fortnite Season 9 there are several Fortbytes to be had and one of them is Fortbyte 98. It is the latest addition to the Fortnite game and is probably the easiest to find.

The Fortbyte 98 is a relatively simple cosmetic item that is attainable through the use of a viking ship. The ship is located in the northwest corner of the ice biome and contains the Fortbyte 98.

The Fortbyte 98 is located in a long house in a viking village. It is the simplest and smallest of the Fortnite 98’s. It can also be unlocked with a special emote.

The Fortbyte 98 is not required for the Battle Pass, but it can be used to unlock skins, Utopia and Styles. It is a good idea to have this cosmetic on hand when playing Fortnite Season 9.

Another Fortnite 98 related emote is the Sign Spinner emote. This emote is obtainable at Tier 63 in the Battle Pass.

Unlocking it

During Season 9, Fortnite players are able to unlock hidden items called Fortbytes. These items have the potential to reveal secrets about the island.

Besides, players can also earn rewards. For a limited time, Fortbytes will be for sale. These items will have to be collected as soon as possible.

These items are located in a variety of locations on the Fortnite map. Some of the locations include the following. However, they are only available during the day.

Unlike the other items, the Fortbyte does not require any special emotes.

The first clue that you can use to find the location of Fortbyte #98 is that it is in the Viking Longhouse.

This long building is located on the top of a mountain. It is the northern part of the map.

In order to get to the fortbyte, you need to travel to the northern part of the map and head towards the giant wooden whale. Then, you will need to take the Vox pickaxe and hit the fortbyte. The fortbyte will appear on the first floor.

Skydiving ring Fortbytes

Those who have played Fortnite know that the Skydiving ring is a great way to access some of the more difficult Fortbytes in the game.

It’s also a good way to get some free cosmetic items. During Season 9, Epic Games is constantly adding new content and has started pushing Fortbyte challenges.

These challenges are scavenger hunts that allow players to unlock some of the more interesting secrets of the island. These challenges are released each day at 2pm BST.

Some of the most interesting Fortbytes are located in the Westernmost part of the map. These Fortbytes are located in an unnamed ghost town.

Some of the more popular landing spots include Salty Springs and Lucky Landing. There are several other Fortbytes that are located in the city square.

The most interesting of the three Fortbytes that are hidden in the city square is the Fortbyte that’s hidden in a piece of metal grating. This is located between an easel and a desk. It’s also near a meteor display.

Similar collectibles

Having a Fortbyte in Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t enough. You need to claim it before someone else does. This challenge is new in Season Nine.

To claim your Fortbyte you will need to locate it using the map or mission based. There are many locations where you can find these items.

Several of these Fortbytes have unique rewards that can be unlocked as you collect them. One of these rewards is the Tomatohead Emoticon.

This is unlocked when you reach level three in your Battle Pass. Another reward is the Scarlet Striker Glider.

If you aren’t sure which item you’ll need to unlock to collect the Fortbyte, see the list below.

There are two Fortbytes that can be found in Lucky Landing. The first is in a pig-shaped building. The second is in the ruins of an abandoned villain lair.

If you have a battle pass, you can also use a Scarlet Striker glider to locate these Fortbytes. If you don’t have a battle pass, you can use the Vibrant Contrails.

Young padawans, best of luck!

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