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Florida’s 2022 Woman of the Year in Agriculture [Know Everything]


The state’s 2022 Woman of the Year in Agriculture has been named as Nikki Fried, Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services for Florida.

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Florida 2022 woman of the year

Glades Crop Care’s founder and CEO, Madeline Mellinger, has been recognized for her remarkable contributions to Florida agriculture.

Mellinger established Glades Crop Care Inc. in 1972 and continues to serve as its CEO today. Integrated pest management and crop counseling services are provided to more than 65,000 acres of plants, more than 60 different varieties of fresh vegetable crops, citrus, rice, and sugarcane by Glades Corp Care, an independent agricultural consulting and contract research company with headquarters in South Florida.

Farming practices in Florida have changed as a result of Mellinger’s work. Her research demonstrated to producers how they may switch from calendar-based pesticide application to need-based pesticide application, saving farmers money and lowering adverse effects of agriculture on the environment.

She has devoted time throughout the years to working on many advisory boards with UF/IFAS connections.

Additionally, she and her husband, Dr. Charles Mellinger, played a significant role in the foundation of the University of Florida’s Doctor of Plant Medicine Program.

In addition to being named a Friend of UF/IFAS in 2014 and one of Florida Trend’s Living Legends for 2018–2020, Mellinger has received other awards for her contributions.

She is well-known among her colleagues for founding the Foundation of Environmental Agriculture Education, which provides scholarships for students majoring in crop production or related subjects, as well as for her work as a mentor to women who want to lead in the agricultural sector.

Madeline Mellinger is this year’s Woman of the Year in Agriculture, according to Fried. “Madeline is a pioneer in the area of integrated pest management and has devoted 50 years to Florida’s agricultural sector.

She has made significant contributions to the advancement of Florida’s next generation of growers and our whole agricultural industry as a business owner, scientist, and mentor. We are thrilled to present her with this medal in her honor.

The Woman of the Year in Agriculture award has been given out by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Florida State Fair Authority for more than 30 years to recognize women who have made remarkable achievements to Florida agriculture.

The prize will be given to Mellinger in Tampa during the Florida State Fair in February of next year.

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