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Five Road Trips in India One Must Take with Friends


Five Road Trips in India One Must Take with Friends: Hello, everyone today I am going to share some interesting experiences on The Road Trips in India. Different places to hang with your friends. So, if you really need these enjoyable long-distance trips on the road. Wondering where to go next? Here are Five Road Trips in India you must take with Friends.

Five Road Trips in India One Must Take with Friends

 1. Delhi to Rishikesh

No matter how it sounds while on trip, It is one of the best long drive from Delhi to Rishikesh you can hang with your friends. While on the way to the roads you will find many dhabas and Eateries Shops. The landscape changes from the city to the forest to the hills, and finally ends with a river flowing past. The thrilling part of taking your friends on bikes to the road is something excitement. But apart from this you can enjoy this trip by doing adventure activities with your friends like white water rafting, bungee jumping and cliff jumping when you are in Rishikesh. But this can be done only when you are experts in doing these activities.

2. Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar

This route brings you the perfect combination of fine weather and brilliant site seeing. As you leave behind Mumbai’s coastal belt and enter the lush Western Ghats, The location change from the sea to the green mountains. And of course it changes the weather. From a Normal whether to a cold one. You can keep the car windows open and let the fresh air enters inside while drive with friends, in company of some good music, food, and endless conversations. Verdant hills and amazing strawberries will await you at Mahabaleshwar.

3. Hyderabad to Kannur

If you are looking for a long drive with your friends, this is the one you must go for. It will never dull your spirits – On the other side is the precious amount of time you have to rejoice and enjoy some time together with your friends.there’s a beautiful route surrounded by lots and lots of greenery and with the different places to try out the delicious local foods. When you reach Kannur, take a dip in the sea or enjoy beach volleyball on the pristine beaches.

4. Jaipur to Ranthambore

It can be best when a group of friends enjoy this road trip. when this trip done in an open jeep. accompanied by some cool melodious songs, and music of course with the food items. Right from the green belts of the Aravalli range to the patchy bushes spread across the dirt to rough forests of Ranthambore, this road trip shows us some of the best views of Rajasthan’s heritage.

5. Kochi to Kovalam

This road trip is a precious treasure for a bunch of nature-loving friends who are looking for an escape from the daily usual routines of life. You can start the trip from the beautiful regions of Kochi, stop over at Alappuzha to lost in the company of its beautiful backwaters, and give this road trip to a perfect finishing by having some precious time at the pristine beach of Kovalam.

So, these are some of the Beautiful and awesome life experiences of Road trips to hang with the company of your friends. Try this and enjoy these trips with the different places and foods on the way to your trips and safely on the roads to escape from such accidents. Hope, you all enjoyed by reading this and Please don’t forget to comment.