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Fastest Growing Black Hole Of The Universe Have Discovered


Fastest Growing Black Hole Of The Universe Have Discovered: Scientists have discovered the fastest-growing black hole known in the universe, describing it as a monster that devours a mass equivalent to our Sun every two days.

Fastest Growing Black Hole Of The Universe Have Discovered

Black Hole

The astronomers had looked back more than 12 billion years to the early dark ages of the universe when this supermassive black hole was estimated to be the size of about 20 billion suns with a one percent growth rate every one Million years.

This black hole is overgrowing that it is shining thousands of times more brightly than an entire galaxy, due to all of the gases it sucks in daily that causes lots of friction and heat, says Christian Wolf from Australian National University.

If we have this monster sitting at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, it will appear ten times brighter than the full moon.

It will appear as an incredibly bright pin-point star that would almost wash out all of the stars in the sky, says Wolf.

The energy emitting from this newly discovered supermassive black hole is also known as a quasar NSE 0.00 %, was mostly ultraviolet light but also radiating x-rays.

Again, if this monster were at the center of the Milky Way it would likely make life on Earth impossible with the enormous amounts of x-rays emanating from it, he says.

The Sky Mapper telescope at the ANU Siding Spring Observatory detected this light in the near-infrared, as the light waves had red-shifted over the billions of light years to Earth.

As the universe expands, space expands, and that stretches the light waves and changes their color, Wolf says.

These large and rapidly-growing black holes are exceedingly rare, and we have to search for them with SkyMapper for several months now.

The European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite, which measures tiny motions of celestial objects, help us to find this supermassive black hole, he says.

The Gaia satellite confirms the object that they had found was sitting still, meaning that it was far away and it was a candidate to a very large quasar.

The discovery of the new supermassive black hole was confirmed using the spectrograph on the ANU 2.3 metre telescope to split colours into spectral lines.

We don’t know how this one grew so vast, so quickly in the early days of the Universe, Wolf says.

Scientists can see the shadows of objects in front of the supermassive black hole, he says.

Fast-growing supermassive black holes also help to clear the fog around them by ionizing gases, which makes the universe more transparent, he is adding.

Instruments on substantial ground-based telescopes built over the next decade would be able to directly measure the expansion of the universe using these very bright black holes, Wolf says.

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