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Facts on Arizona Audit That You Must Know


Facts on Arizona Audit : Hi, Dear All, Today, I will share excitable information on the Fact on Arizona Audit. Please go on to the article and; enjoy reading it.

The claim: Arizona election audit has found 275,000 potentially justify claiming votes in one territorial division

After three months, an audit of Arizona’s 2020’s election results has no proof of extensive area voter fraud.

Still, former President Donald Trump and his supporters say anything else.

Since the audit starts in late April, misinformation on its findings has spread on social media.

Donald Trump and his groups have falsely claimed deletes an entire election database.

That more than 70,000 vote ballots count in Maricopa County. The home of Phoenix – were never sent, and that the audit found 250,000 fraudulent votes.

Now the number has increased to 275,000

Already, Arizona Audit has found 275,000 latent qualities fraud lent’s ballots – in just one county.

I am so reading the caption of a July 26 video with more than 4,600 likes on Instagram.

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The video shows Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington speaking with host Bret Baier on Fox News.

During the clip that Harrington tweets on July 26. She spells out how she arrives at 275,000.

That are 168,000 ballots prints on thin paper outside of the regulations of Maricopa’s Territorial division.

” She says. “One has 75,000 ballots that were supposed to mail out.

But they have no record of them sent. One also has 18,000 voters; removes from the voter rolls.

Those votes in the election but undesirable after the election.”

Harington also says 3,981 people votes in Maricopa County unless registering after the latest time.

Meaning the county “certifies false results.” Trump himself made the same claims in a couple of middle of July’s statement.

But that numbers and the claims of voter fraud will don’t adding up.

It was not a sizeable election. Stephen Richer is the Republican Recorder of Maricopa County, says.

So I told the Baier after Harrington’s appearance on Fox News.

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United States of America today reaches out to Harrington. The Instagram user those shares the video for comment.

The number of ‘Fraudulent Ballots’ does not add up

In a Fox News appearance, Harrington cites the findings of an ongoing audit in the Maricopa Territorial Division.

But those findings don’t support her claim on 275,000 potentially fraudulent ballots.

In March, the Republican dominates Arizona Senate hires Florida-based company Cyber Ninjas to lead the audit.

Moreover, Cyber Ninjas has no existing experience with Election Audits and its CEO, Doug Logan.

They have previously promoted election fraud’s secret theories on social media.

The numbers Harrington praise refer to statements. Logan made during a recent Arizona Senate instructions.

Moreover, Logan never says auditors had found 275,000 potentially fraudulent ballots.

Maricopa County’s officials and independent investigations were the organizations who have also disputed the figures.

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“My best guess for the amount of 275,000 number is that she’s adding up all the various Cyber Ninja claims.

So on arrival at a total number of votes, she considers suspect.” Jason Berry, a spokesperson for Maricopa’s County.

She told the United States of America today in an email. “It is not.”

Let’s taking a close look at each number in Harrington’s claim to mail out. But it has no record of them ever sent.​​​​​

So it is not accurate – the United States of America today rates a similar claim false. 

During the July 15 briefing, Logan says auditors had found “74,243 return by mail ballots. However, there is no clear record of them send.

Maricopa County officials previously told the United States of America today.

It is unclear precisely that figures. But in a Twitter theme, the county wrote that it combines the auditors into one mail-in vote with all early votes.

Those are votes cast in person. I So with the personal presence, early polls would not involve anything mail.

In a follow-up tweet, the county wrote of 2,364,426 requests. For the mail-in ballots, it returns 1,918,024.

One hundred sixty-eight thousand votes ‘were prints on thin paper outside of the regulations of Maricopa County.

County Officials and fact-checkers have exposed the falseness of the claim.

During the Senate’s briefing, Logan raises concerns on ballots. For example, slightly offset the printing between the front and back, which he said could cause the ink to illness through and change the selections.

Logan says Auditors saw the problems on 168,000 votes prints at voting centers.

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That claim sounds like the expose falseness “Sharpie Gate” conspiracy theory.

That falsely says ballots fill out with the permanent markers illness through and proves.

Maricopa County has said bleed-throughs don’t affect votes counting. Sharper prefers voting centers.

Richer says there is nothing unexpected on slight differences in the thickness of votes during his Fox News appearance.

“Some of our votes prints at the area within the walls polls or the voting centers. Others are mail out by the central place here in Arizona.

There they prints,” he says. “So yes, some of them may be a little slightly different. But it is false that they are somehow fraudulent.”

‘One also has 18,000 voters who remove from the voter rolls; it claims is off the mark.

And not proof of voter fraud, as Harrington makes it seem.

“We have roughly 20,000, and I think it actually on closer to 18,000, people.

Those votes in the election and then shows as removes from the voter rolls soon after the election.

” Logan says during the Senate’s briefing.

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Logan notes there “could be a good and logical explanation for that.” It turns out there is.

The Maricopa County’s Elections Department says she removes 13,320 voters from the rolls between November 3 and January 2.

The majority of the removals were due to voters die or move out of the county.

Other removals were the product of crimes regarding the United State’s convictions and voter’s requests. 

“Maricopa County has around 2.6 million registered voters. Therefore, it is not remarkable for there to tens and thousands of changes to the voter moves in a specific direction each month.” The department wrote.

Around ‘3,981 peoples vote despite registering after the October 15 official confirmation by a judge deadline.

It is wrong, according to Maricopa County’s officials.

“It is based on the registration information that we found in the voter’s rolls.

We have 3,981 individuals, those show as having voted in this election. Moreover, they register after October 15. Logan tells Arizona’s Senate.

The Maricopa County’s Elections Department exposes the falseness that claims on its website.

Saying its examination “found no proof of any vote counts from a voter registration.

After the voter registration deadline” of October 15. Instead, elections officials are finishes processing the voter registration forms around October 23. 

About 6,200 voters cast the provisional votes. That Maricopa County’s elections officials say. They had the legal right to do.

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“Somebody may have filled out the paperwork by October 15.

But that person may have had to vote a provisional vote because that paperwork would not have been operating until later.

Richer says on Fox News. “But as long as they fill it out before October 15. Then it is still a valid voter, and that vote should be count.

No proof of fraud in Arizona

There is no proof of found fraud affecting the election results in Arizona, where Joe Biden beats Trump by more than 10,000 votes.

Multiple hand counts and a scientific tests audit of voting machines have confirmed Maricopa County’s election results.

Of the more than three million votes cast in Arizona.

Elections officials have found a small number than 200 cases of potential voter fraud. The Associates’ Press reports.

“Maricopa County stands by the results reporting by its elections professionals; confirms by hand counts, two independent audits, and several court challenges.

It certifies by the Secretary of State, Governor, and Congress,” Berry tells the United States of America.

United States of America today reaches out to Logan and Ken Bennett. The Senate’s binding to the audit, for comment.

Our rating: False

Based on the research, we rate False claim that the Arizona election audit has found 275,000 potential fraudulent votes in one county.

The audit has not uncovered proof of widespread voter fraud affecting the state’s election outcome.

The 275,000 figure depends on a mix of interpreting data, conspiratorial claims about paper ballots, and misconceptions about Arizona’s election administration wrongly.

Maricopa County officials – including some Republicans – have pushed back against claims that the audit has uncovered fraudulent votes.

So, it’s essential information on the topic of Facts on Arizona Audit.

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