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Facebook’s New Two-Factor Authentication Process Is No Longer Requires A Phone Number



Facebook’s New Two-Factor Authentication Process Is No Longer Requires A Phone Number: Facebook has beefed up its two-factor authentication process for that extra layer of security when you access your Facebook app.

Facebook’s New Two-Factor Authentication Process Is No Longer Requires A Phone Number



The social media company has changed it how to set to set up two-factor authentication making it more streamlined and more comfortable to access. Also, the updated 2FA in Facebook no longer asks for your phone to set up.

Facebook previously asked for your phone number to set up the 2FA to help prevent account lock-outs.

The redesigned feature eliminates the need to enter your phone number and makes the process easier by accepting third-party apps like Google Authenticator and Duo security. The updated security feature is available for both desktop and app.

These we have to redesign the feature to make the process more natural to use the third party authentication apps such as Google Authenticator and Duo Security on both desktop and mobile.

We are no longer making the phone number mandatory, says Scott Dickens, the products manager at Facebook.

Two-factor authentication is standard industry practice for security. Also known as multi-factor authentication, the feature adds an extra layer of protection over the app.

It not only requires your username and password but also access to any information that only the user has.

Facebook provides 2FA security via two ways- by sending SMS codes from your mobile phone or by login codes from a third party authentication app.

If you set up two-factor authentication, you will be asked to enter a unique login code or confirm your login attempt each time someone tries accessing Facebook from an unrecognized computer or mobile device.

Facebook also sends SMS alerts when someone tries logging in to your account from unrecognized device.

To set up your two-factor authentication, follow these steps.

Go to Settings > Security and Login.

Select Use two-factor authentication and click on Edit.

Choose the authentication method you want to add and follow the instructions.

Click Enable once you’ve selected and turned on an authentication method.

The Facebook 2F update came after Facebook only a few months ago admitted of a bug in its 2FA feature.

Users signing up for two-factor authentication security feature were receiving non-security-relating SMS notifications from Facebook on their phones due to this bug.

So, there are the points to describe on the Facebook’s new two-factor authentication process is no longer requires a phone number.

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