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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6
Euphoria Season 2 Episode 6

Euphoria season 2 episode 6 was a very heavy, messy episode that took the plunge and got down with Rue’s hellish descent into heroin withdrawal.

As the withdrawal symptoms wreak havoc on Rue, she calls her NA sponsor Ali to apologize for her comment.

They all cook dinner together. Gia still isn’t sure about Gia’s plan to clean up, but Ali assures her that Ali will find the strength to remain sober while repairing relationships with her family.

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Ethan and Kat break up

The newest Euphoria episode, “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood”, was a welcomed return to Sam Levinson’s gritty teenage drama.

However, despite its momentum, it squandered the opportunity with a storyline that lacked the focus and character development it needed.

Kat and Ethan’s (Austin Abrams), relationship was one of the highlights of season 1.

They were the show’s warm, loving couple that viewers couldn’t help rooting for. After a string of personal issues, Kat seems to have ended that relationship.

In this week’s episode, Kat blind-sided Ethan at dinner with the news that she has a “terminal brain disorder.”

She tried to gaslight him into believing he was gaslighting her, then acted accusatory when he called her out on it.

This was not how Kat handled the situation, according to fans. They believe her screen time has been significantly reduced this season, so they were disappointed to see the breakup scene go down the way it did.

Rue’s mother tries to get Rue in rehab

During a confrontation with her mother, Rue admits to her addiction and asks for help. Rue keeps calling her mother, despite being informed by her mother that she won’t be admitted to rehab.

Leslie tries to convince her daughter that rehab is the answer, but Rue doesn’t respond well.

She breaks down doors and threatens Gia (Storm Reid), physical abuses her mother, and tells hurtful things about her family.

Rue, who suffers from withdrawal symptoms at home, is desperate for help.

When her mother and sister try to take her to rehab, she relapses and jumps out of the car.

Rue is in dire need of redemption after her life spirals out of control.

She reaches out to Ali, her sponsor. She apologizes for using him against her, and he accepts her apology. He tells her that she can get clean. She’ll have to do it all by herself.

Cassie tries to stay clean

The fallout of Rue’s secret relationship with Nate (Jacob Elordi) is causing major issues for Cassie in Episode 6 of Euphoria season 2.

She breaks down before her sister and mom, then spends the episode trying to convince them that she’s not guilty.

However, her coping strategies stop working and she throws a tantrum.

She blames her mom for her silence, her dad for abandoning her and Rue who told Maddy.

Suze, who’s been a standout throughout the second season, was a much-needed ray of light during this emotional episode.

Her reaction to Cassie interrupting Lexi’s play was one of the best moments this season.

Gia and Rue’s mother are also included in this mix. Ali and Gia try to provide hope to Rue, who is struggling with withdrawal symptoms.

Rue’s mother is not so certain, particularly with only a week before she can enter rehab.

Lexi questions the backlash from her play

Rue and Lexi try to heal their relationships with mother’s. Lexi asks Lexi about the backlash that her play could cause. Nate rejoices in his freedom.

Euphoria season 2, episode 6, continues to focus on Rue, but there are also other stars in the episode.

Kat splits with Ethan and Rue’s mother tries to get Cassie into rehab. Cassie is also dealing with the consequences of her revelation.

Meanwhile, Fez and Lexi bond well in the middle of all of this drama. They watch a movie and sing along.

While the show’s romance duos can often take their baggage out on each other, Fez and Lexi seem to care about each other genuinely. They are, in fact, the most authentic couple on the show.

Despite her mother’s best efforts, Lexi continues to question whether she should continue with her play.

After witnessing her sister bawling her eyes out while trying to cut her wrists with a corkscrew, she wonders whether it’s worth the risk of getting hurt.