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Caroline Crouch: Wiki, Husband, Diary, Story & Parents


Caroline Crouch: Caroline Crouch was born in Liverpool and relocated to Greece with her British father, David Crouch, and Filipina mother, Susan Dela Cuesta, when she was eight years old. Here in this article we are discussing about Caroline Crouch in detail

Who was Caroline Crouch?

Caroline Crouch, a 20-year-old statistics student from the United Kingdom, relocated to Greece when she was eight years old.

Caroline met her future husband Babis Anagnostopoulos on the Greek island of Alonissos, where they married in 2019.

Lydia, their daughter, was born in June of 2020.

Why Caroline Crouch is getting in news?

Caroline was tortured and strangled in front of her 11-month-old daughter at her home in an affluent Athens suburb on May 11, 2021.

Caroline’s lifeless body was discovered close to her screaming daughter later that morning by police.

Anagnostopoulos was shackled to the floor near Caroline, with duct tape over his eyes and mouth, according to a police spokesman.

The family’s pet husky was also strangled and left on a fence with its own lead.

Who is Babis Anagnostopoulos?

Anagnostopoulos is a Greek pilot who was arrested in 2021 for the assassination of his wife.

Anagnostopoulos confessed to her murder on June 17, 2021, after she swore to leave him.

After more than eight hours of questioning in the homicide department of Athens police headquarters, he confesses to choking her to death.

“The culprit is her 33-year-old husband, who has confessed to the act,” investigators stated in a statement.

After constructing the intricate crime scene and keeping up with the sick charade of mourning widower for over a month, police have dubbed him a “high class actress.”

According to investigators, the disgruntled helicopter pilot drowned the family dog and hung its body from a stair bannister to blame it on the burglars and reinforce his tale.

Anagnostopoulos eventually broke down, adding, “That night we had been arguing from the beginning.”

Initially, Anagnostopoulos claimed that his wife had been murdered by burglars.

He claimed the thieves blindfolded him and tied him up before placing a gun to his baby’s head and demanding money.

The father explained that he had £10,000 cash on hand because he wanted to pay builders for work done on a plot of property the family had recently purchased.

In the days following the tragedy, he told reporters that it was only when police officials removed the tape covering his eyes that he realised his wife had been slain.

Before wriggling free and summoning the cops in the early hours of May 11, he is thought to have endured hypoxia, a potentially fatal lack of oxygen.

According to Anagnostopoulos, he “begged” the perpetrators not to harm his wife and child.

He kept up the act for 38 days, even hugging Caroline’s mother at her memorial.

Caroline had threatened to leave the man she had first met as a teenager just hours before her own murder, according to a text message discovered on her phone.

Anagnostopoulos faces life in jail after being charged with murder, animal abuse, giving false testimony, and filing a fraudulent police report regarding the heist.

“I wish I could go back in time but tragically I can’t,” he remarked in court on June 22, 2021, through his counsel.

“He requested for his sentence and claimed that there was no accomplice,” the lawyer continued.

Who are Caroline Crouch’s parents?

Caroline’s mother and father relocated to Alonissos, Greece, when Caroline was eight years old.

Susan Dela Cuesta, her mother, owns and operates a cleaning firm on the island with her father, a former British serviceman.

Susan made a statement about her daughter’s death on May 17, 2021, according to Mail+.

She stated, ” “There are no words to describe my anguish.

“Caroline was praised by so many people for being such a nice person.

“However, her death is still too painful for me to discuss.”

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