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Enable The Google Chrome’s New Design With One Chrome Flag


Enable The Google Chrome’s New Design With One Chrome Flag: The Google Chrome browser is open source so that we can track progress on its development quite easily.  We have seen how Chrome is getting more optimized for touchscreen devices like the HP Chromebook X2, and the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, how a major Material Design revamp is underway, and how Chrome OS is receiving Android P- user interfacing the changes.

Enable The Google Chrome’s New Design With One Chrome Flag

Google Chrome

We cover the most interesting new Chrome flags that we discover, but it can be annoying having to dig around and enable multiple flags to test all of the latest features. Google will be making that more accessible for us by consolidating all of Google Chrome’s new design behind one Chrome flag.

What Google Chrome’s new “Touchable Refresh” interface is looking. Touchable Refresh combines the touch optimizations and the new Material Design changes. Enable it at


The flag is called food, which is already available in latest Chrome Canary and Chromium nightly.

It can enable it by pasting chrome//flags#uifood into the address bar. The Chrome flag is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Currently, enable it does not do much. We have the tracks progress on this flag since it first popping up in Gerrit Code.

You see how the Chrome team is slowly starting to wire the support for all of their new UI features into the Flag.

If you are having interest in testing the latest Chrome design which changes on your device, then we recommending enabling this flag to make things a bit easier for you to keep up it.

So, these are the points to describe on the Enable the Google Chrome’s new design with one Chrome flag.

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