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Emotionally Damaged: Signs, Causes & Treatment [Complete Guide]


Most of us have experienced difficult times in our lives that left us feeling disregarded. Our daily lives can leave us feeling emotionally damaged, regardless of whether it was a breakup or just a bad experience.

What does it mean to be emotionally damaged?

A term that describes the emotions of someone who has experienced emotional pain, is “emotionally disturbed”. After experiencing pain and hurt, a person may feel anxious or irritable. People may find it hard to trust others, and may try to isolate themselves from other people in an effort to avoid being hurt again.

What are the Cause of emotionally damaged


Rejection is as devastating as childhood neglect. Perhaps their parents didn’t neglect them but rejected them. Their child might have been told by their parents that they were a loser or lazy, or that they are a bad-for-nothing person who will never achieve anything in life.

2.Childhood Neglect

A person’s emotional health can be affected if they are neglected by their parents or their parent in their childhood. Their parents might not have given them enough love or food. Perhaps their parents were addicted to drugs and couldn’t handle daily life.

3.Loneliness or solitude

Most people need human interaction. If someone is unable to communicate with others for a long time, it can be difficult to make contact again and/or to meet new people. A person may believe that everyone doesn’t care about them when this happens.

This can quickly spiral into a major problem. It’s almost like a snowball effect. It’s like a snowball effect: the more isolated someone is, the less they will be able to socialize. This can lead to greater emotional damage.

4.Shame & guilt

People who have been rejected experience loneliness and loss. People need to feel connected with others, but not all people get it. It’s not uncommon for people to feel shame or guilt when they don’t get it.

It can have a negative impact on all aspects of a person’s life if they don’t get rid of their guilt. It doesn’t matter if guilt or shame is justified. However, if they believe it is, it can cause irreparable emotional harm.

5.Living in past

All of us have had negative experiences in our lives. It can be very difficult for someone to let go of those disappointing and unpleasant times in their life, whether they are real or imagined. This can have a negative impact on their happiness and emotions.

It’s almost as if you have a permanent scare that keeps reopening and can’t heal completely. Until you stop doing this, it will remain a permanent scar. It’s hard for them to live in the moment, so they will continue to hold onto the negative experiences.

How do you know if you are emotionally damaged?

You might be wondering why you aren’t happy or at ease in your relationships. It could be because you have been hurt so much in your past that it has affected your ability to feel secure and happy.

1. Someone has taken your trust and used it to hurt you

Somewhere along the way, whether it was your boyfriend/girlfriend, a close friend, or even a family member, someone took your trust and crushed it like an empty beer can. Because of the emotional damage you have done, it is even more difficult to trust people and let them in.

2.You start to compare your new love interest with the one who has wronged and you find yourself in this situation

If you find yourself comparing someone you are seeing to someone you have been with for a while, it could be a sign you’re emotionally hurt. You feel cheated by their actions and the lessons they taught you will be passed on to potential partners.

3. You keep people at arm’s length

You don’t trust people the same way you don’t trust your friends. If someone uses your personal quirks or personality to harm you (e.g. bullying.

4. Comparisons with others are a constant part of your life

Low self-esteem and comparisons to others are sure signs that you are emotionally damaged. You feel insecure because someone once made you feel inferior. Now you believe you don’t have enough and that you aren’t good enough.

5. You can feel angry over just about anything

Emotionally damaged people can cause you to be constantly on edge. This means you are easily angered by the smallest things. You feel defensive and need to protect yourself against further damage.

6. When meeting new people, anxiety is common

You can tell when meeting new people, whether they are friends, acquaintances or potential lovers, puts you in panic mode. It’s hard to know if you are able to meet new people without causing yourself any pain.

7. A traumatic breakup caused you to feel helpless.

You’re likely to feel emotionally damaged if you have experienced a traumatic breakup. Breakups are painful and can leave scars. No matter what the circumstances of your breakup were, you are most likely emotionally damaged.

8.You feel depressed

Sometimes depression can be genetic. However, it can also result from other problems in your life. It could be a sign that you have emotional damage.

9. It’s better to be alone

No one is more successful than anyone else. Humans are social creatures and we all need to interact with others. It’s possible to feel like you don’t need anyone or that you would be better off not having any contact with anyone. This is a sign that you are suffering from emotional damage.

How To Help An Emotionally Damaged Person

These are some ways to get over the emotional trauma and make a fresh start.

1. Spend some time working on yourself

Get to the gym, have your hair done, purchase new shoes, and do something that will boost your self-esteem and mood. Focusing on yourself can help you overcome that pain.

2. Talk to someone

Talking to someone about your emotional scars can help you heal them. Talking to someone you trust about your feelings and pain is a great way to move beyond your heartache.

3. You are not the only one

Emotionally damaged people can feel isolated and alone. Many people suffer from emotional problems, so you are not the only one experiencing pain. This thought can ease anxiety.

4. Keep the past where it belongs–in the past

When you get angry at people for wrongdoings of the past, it’s not your fault. Try to remember what happened in the present.

5. Avoid alcohol and drugs

Some people experience emotional damage from alcohol and drug abuse. You should not drink or use drugs if you feel any of these signs.

6. Do not play the blame game

Sometimes, you will want to blame someone else for your pain. While it might be their fault, it will only make the situation worse and make it more difficult to heal. Forgive.

7. It takes time

You won’t feel better overnight. It’s a fact. It may take several months or even years to feel normal again. And even then, the pain does not disappear completely. However, emotional damage is part of who you are and something you shouldn’t want to change.

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