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Elisabeth Fritzl Now: A New Feature Film From Lifetime


Elisabeth Fritzl Now: A victim of her own father’s rape case, which lasted 24 years. In 2008, her tale was discovered. What happened to Elisabeth Fritzl?

The Girl in the Basement, a new feature film from Lifetime, is based on the true story of Elisabeth Fritzl’s rape and abuse at the hands of her father.

The shocking truth was revealed when she managed to leave the cellar where she had been imprisoned after 24 years.

Her terrible instance aided in the investigation of several other comparable incidents. What happened to Elisabeth Fritzl?

What happened to Elisabeth Fritzl?

Elisabeth Fritzl Now

When Elisabeth was imprisoned, she was 18 years old, and when she escaped in 2008, she was 42 years old. Her eldest child, whom she had given birth to because of her father, required immediate hospitalization.

As a result, her father permitted Elisabeth to take the child to the hospital. It was the first time she had seen sunlight in 24 years. She was swiftly escorted back to the basement, but a strange note left by Josef piqued the hospital staff’s interest, prompting the police to arrive.

She was eventually found and rescued

She was eventually found and rescued. According to Meadows, she and her children were taken into state custody and then transferred to a hamlet in northern Austria, where they began therapy.

Initially, psychologists recommended lifetime counseling owing to the trauma they had all experienced. Elisabeth was given a new name and assumed a new persona.

She is said to live with her children in a bright and well-lit home to avoid reminiscing. Her children now range in age from 17 to 35 years old.

Two of the six children had severe anxiety and panic attacks and had a difficult time recovering. Due to their previous lifestyle, they were kept on mood-altering medicines, exercise, and diet regimens while recovering.

According to The Independent, Elisabeth and her mother, Rosemarie Fritzl, initially had a turbulent relationship but have become closer than ever and restored their bond.

Josef Fritzl, who is suffering from dementia, has been sentenced to a life sentence in Garsten Abbey. To maintain his incognito, he changed his last name to Mayrhoff.

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