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EHS Medical Group Statement in Response to Allegations of Improper Denial of Patient Care by SynerMed


“EHS Medical Group condemns the alleged improper actions and conduct by SynerMed and its leadership for alleged systematic denial of care which posed serious threats to the health and safety of our patients.  EHS wants to make it perfectly clear we were unaware of any of these deceitful and deceptive practices.

When EHS became aware of the allegations of widespread deficiencies at SynerMed, it right away terminated its contract with the firm.  To EHS’s knowledge, the deficiencies specifically pertained to SynerMed altering dates on documents and denials letters being sent untimely.

EHS is appalled to think that any of our patients may have been denied or delayed care because of the reprehensible conduct by SynerMed. Furthermore we find it shameful that SynerMed took blatant steps to falsify documents to hide their abhorrent conduct which included fabrication of denial letters without supervision from physicians. EHS is conducting its own investigation in addition to assisting the State in its investigations.

We are fully committed to assisting with the investigation and maintaining quality healthcare to the patients who were victims of SynerMed’s wrongdoing.

The physicians in our medical group remain committed to providing the highest quality healthcare to our patients and are dedicated to ensuring we deliver efficient, cost-effective care that is personalized to the needs of our members.”