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Dorian Now – Where is Hurricane Dorian


Dorian now : Where Is He Now? Hurricane Dorian’s Path: Where Is He Now?

We take a look at where Hurricane Dorian is today and where we may expect it to travel in the next days as it continues to surprise us with its unexpected path.

Why has Dorian’s course been so difficult to predict? Dr. Marshall Shepherd has a fantastic paper on the subject. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Experts agree that Dorian intensified so swiftly and was so powerful that it changed the local atmospheric conditions.

You can compare it to Neo from The Matrix. He grew so powerful that he was able to alter the Matrix’s rules, making it difficult to foresee his next actions and limits.

This is similar to what Dorian has done in the last few days

dorian now Let’s delve deeper into Dorian’s current situation while meteorologists and scientists are hard at work estimating his path and where he is today. The Path of Hurricane Dorian and Where It Is Now.

These are the most recent Hurricane Dorian path forecasts. Keep in mind that while distinct models may differ significantly, the string models are all heading in the same direction.

Dorian’s Current Path & Position – Updated on September 3 @ 8 a.m. EDT

The Google Maps route shown here is based on the most recent NOAA forecasts.

The most recent Dorian Path

On Google Maps, the NOAA projections show the course heading northwest, hugging the coastline.

Dorian will be 36 miles to the northwest of its current location by Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. EST, implying a speed of 5 miles per hour.
The Dorian route begins to intercept along the South Carolina and North Carolina coasts, with the cone overlapping land around Charleston, South Carolina.

What Has Happened to Dorian?

Dorian’s eye is located 105 miles east of West Palm Beach.
The hurricane’s maximum sustained winds are 120 mph, making it a category 3 storm at this moment.

The Dorian eye’s coordinates are 27.1 N 78.4 W.
Dorian is now heading northwest at 1mph.

The current status of Dorian is provided by NOAA in the clip above. Remember that this varies with each model run, which they perform numerous times per day.

Visit their website for the most recent information.
Models of Hurricane Dorian’s Spaghetti Path

As you can see from the spaghetti route models below, Dorian’s expected path is converging. This is a collection of 23 atmospheric models from the United States and throughout the world.

The agreement is that Dorian will continue northwest, then turn east as the shoreline veers to the east.

Dorian will eventually change directions and travel northeast, away from the United States and back into the Atlantic Ocean.

Keep in mind that the National Hurricane Center’s Twitter profile, which you can see here, is a fantastic place to go for the most up-to-date information on Dorian.

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