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Djerf Avenue- Meet Matilda Djerf, 25 Year Old Swedish Influencer


Djerf Avenue founder, Matilda Djerf, talks about her passion for vintage clothing, her battle with anorexia and orthorexia, and her efforts to bring sustainability to the fashion world.

She also shares her story about growing up in a single parent household and her struggle to overcome her social anxiety.

Matilda Djerf’s childhood

Matilda Djerf was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on April 8, 1997. She is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, blogger, model and influencer.

Her fashion brand, Djerf Avenue, was created in 2019 with her boyfriend, Rasmus Johansson. It is a ready-to-wear fashion line.

Before she graduated from high school, Matilda worked as a model in small fashion businesses. When she was a teenager, she suffered from body dysmorphia and anorexia.

However, she started to get more interested in the world of fashion and decided to pursue her career.

In the early days of her career, Matilda posted pictures of her work and her travels on social media. After her videos accumulated millions of followers, she became a famous social media star.

As of now, she has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok. Her net worth is estimated at about $3 million USD in 2022.

Matilda Djerf’s battle with orthorexia and anorexia

Matilda Djerf is a 24-year-old Swedish model and fashion designer who grew up in a small Swedish town. She is a huge Instagram star, having amassed over 2.5 million followers.

But how did she go about becoming a social media influencer? And how does she balance her life as a teen idol and her career as a fashion entrepreneur?

Matilda Djerf has built a multimillion-dollar lifestyle empire. Her eponymous dress line, Djerf Avenue, sells essential dresses, tees, and pants. It also sells a few knickknacks.

Matilda Djerf’s best-selling dress is a modest one-piece laced ensemble that cost just PS50.

The company recently announced that it would open a logistics warehouse in the United States in the fall. Similarly, the company has sold out all nine pieces of its debut collection.

Matilda Djerf’s love for vintage

If you’re a fan of a chic and streamlined Scandi-inspired style, then you’ve probably come across Swedish model, social media influencer and fashion designer Matilda Djerf.

Djerf is the muse behind her own clothing label, Djerf Avenue.

Matilda Djerf started her own fashion line in 2019 with her boyfriend Rasmus Johansson.

Originally, she started her business to earn extra money for travel. Her brand has since grown into a cult online fashion label.

Matilda Djerf is a true Gen Z fashion icon. Her outfits are immaculate, but are also very easy to pull off. She combines her European clean-girl aesthetic with the Coastal Grandma trend.

She has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram and over 1.2 million on TikTok. It’s no wonder that she’s become one of the most recognizable names in the beauty industry.

Djerf Avenue’s sustainability practices

Djerf Avenue is a Swedish ready-to-wear brand created by fashion influencer Matilda Djerf.

The brand focuses on producing clothes ethically in Portugal. Its latest collection features minimalist tones, classic silhouettes, and neutral colours.

Initially launched in 2019, the brand has become a popular choice for fashion-conscious customers.

Since then, the brand has received significant acclaim for its high quality products and innovative approaches to sustainability.

In order to make the most of its limited production, Djerf Avenue has chosen to produce all its garments in Europe.

This means that everything is manufactured in Portugal, which is known for its quality workmanship. Besides, Portugal is renowned for its respect for workers’ rights.

Djerf Avenue offers a variety of organic fabrics including recycled polyester and cupro.

Moreover, they use natural corozo buttons. These 100% natural products are more durable than plastic buttons.

Matilda Djerf’s social life has taken a back seat

Matilda Djerf is the face of a new fashion brand, Djerf Avenue. The Swedish influencer has over two million Instagram followers and more than 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

Djerf isn’t exactly the first Instagram star to launch a clothing line. Her brand has been an instant success, with many of her pieces spotted on fashionistas in New York City and Los Angeles.

In April, Djerf sold 10 percent of her company to an angel investor. However, the fashion label is still young, so the founders aren’t sure how long they’ll last.

Initially, Djerf and her partner Rasmus Johansson launched the brand in order to earn extra cash for travel. However, their social lives have taken a backseat to their work.

While Djerf isn’t posting much on her social media platforms, she spends over an hour a day creating content and responding to fans’ messages.

She’s also planning to open a warehouse in the U.S., which will allow her to sell items to customers outside of Stockholm.