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Diversity Built Britain 50p Coin : Rarity, Value & Exchange


Diversity Built Britain 50p: Dominque Evans designed the coin, which has the phrase “Diversity Built Britain” and graphics of interwoven triangles that are meant to represent the relationships that bind communities across the country.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak also commissioned it as part of future ambitions to showcase a broader range of persons on coins and notes.

Here we discuss about the rarity of the diversity built britain 50p coin in detail as well as its worth. Get more updates on chopnews

How Rare is the 50p Diversity Built Britain?

The Diversity Built Britain coins are estimated to be in circulation at 10,300,000 pieces.

It is, however, not uncommon when compared to other coin fan favourites.

In fact, according to Change Checker’s newest scarcity assessment, it ranks 59th.

According to Change Checker, the mintage figure for a commemorative coin is relatively large, which is excellent news for collectors because they have a decent chance of discovering one in their change.

However, because they are not as uncommon or in demand, you may not be able to sell them for a high price, thus sellers may miss out.

However, in the same scarcity index, the coin outperforms other newcomers to the coin circuit.

It’s a few spots ahead of Paddington bear entry and rarer than the 2016 Team GB 50p and the UK Withdrawal from the European Union 50p, to mention a few.

What is the value of the Diversity Built Britain 50p?

One piece of the Diversity Built Britain 50p has sold for £350 on eBay, with the caption “extremely rare,” however this was to a lone bidder back in October.

However, another replica discovered on eBay sold for a more realistic £12.50, with 14 bids, indicating that this is a more popular value for the coin.

A standard, but certified BU copy of the coin is valued at £4.50 by Change Checker.

On auction sites like eBay, commemorative coins can usually fetch a nice price, thus it’s not uncommon for sellers to make a good profit on something as cheap as a 50p at face value.

However, because the coin is so new, there aren’t many listings on eBay right now.

One silver proof piedfort form of the coin, of which only 2,500 were produced, is also worth £102.50, according to the Royal Mint.

It’s not the only limited edition design floating around; according to The Royal Mint, a gold proof piedfort variant, which is more rarer with only 200 produced, is worth £2,130.

These are uncirculated coins made specifically to be collector’s pieces, so they’re unlikely to show up in your change – but they’re worth keeping an eye out for if you have some spare cash and want to complete your collection.

Even consumer experts at Which? caution that the value of these commemorative coins isn’t certain to rise over time, and that the value may fluctuate from one day to the next.

Is there any value in my change?

Collectors prize coins with a low mintage or an error, so if you come across one in your change, you could be in for a windfall.

Looking for distinctive designs on the change in your wallet is an easy method to spot one.

The images on the obverse were usually created to commemorate an event or location, as well as a certain period in history.

For example, there is a complete collection of rare Olympic 50p coins that sell for a lot of money on eBay; you might discover some of them in your change because they were introduced after the London 2012 Olympics.

Not only that, but uncommon mistake coins are also very prized among collectors.

You may find out how much the coin is worth on eBay by searching for the coin’s entire name, selecting the “sold” item, and then changing the search to “highest value.”

You can get an estimate of a coin’s value this way, although a coin may not have sold for the price it was advertised for.

If you think your change is worth something, you may have it validated by The Royal Mint, which will ensure buyers that they’re getting the real deal – and you might even be able to raise the price a little if you decide to sell it.

You’ll also find that internet resources from professionals in the field of change, such as Coin Hunter, can assist you figure out how much it’s worth.

However, be aware of fakes that are circulating online; they will not be worth as much, and you may wind yourself cashing out on the wrong item or being upset that your change isn’t worth as much as you anticipated.

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